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Sky Drawing Ribbon / Light Array Retractor

An addition to the "Sky Fire" (tm) aerial drone show system.
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In this additional feature the drone has the aforementioned trailing visual element but can deploy and retract it with a motorized spool.

This would allow the effect of a point of light flying through the sky (the drone) and suddenly releasing a trail of stars, or fire.

Likewise, aerial displays could choreograph the retraction of these trailing visual elements. A spectacular circling starburst pattern, for instance, comes together into a single dot and disappears.

The reverse effect, the drones all fly out from a central point while deploying their "Sky Fire" (tm) trailing elements to create a fireworks or starburst effect.

It's this retracting system that would allow two drones to dock and attach to one end of the ribbon as well. The ribbon in retraction would be much easier to doc to and connect to. The ribbon or light string trailing several feet behind the lead drone would be difficult to connect with due to its movement in the wind.

doctorremulac3, Dec 23 2016




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