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Smart tape recording software and website
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Download software from the tape2mp3.com.

It listens to your recording, and records only when there are sounds. Will show result in continuous line marked with locations of silence or low noise. If the sound parts are very long, will give you a preview. Also allows you to quicken the sound, without distorting the pitch (wsola). A special tag will tell if it is talking / song / audio (ie not just talking and not song), this can be tagged automatically and changed by the user if the program did not detect it correctly.

Also lets you write a remark on the whole playlist. A textfile with the list of audio sections (or songs) and the playlist name and remarks, is also saved to the directory with the sounds.

Includes also built in configurable noise reduction, and auto normalizing, so that if on the tape you could barely hear something, it can correct that (if the user sets it to do so).

Allows for quick recording, by playing at double or other speed (for tape recorders or record players that support that) and then recovering and saving recording at "correct speed".

Also has automode, where no questions asked. You can always reload the resulting playlist and correct wrong splicing (for example: a discussion where two people were talking, and there was a minute of silence, and the program converted the audio stream into two sepparrate files).

The final result is an MP3 playlist with comprehensive filenames and tagged with remarks, which you can then save to the website.

Good for vinyl records.

For best results connect the tape or record player output, directly to the PC Line-In, but even a regular stereo microphone should work well.

You can also share the files, after filling in a form saying that you are not infringing copyright, and a way for other users to notify the site to remove the content, if copyright infringement occurred.

([Edited]: Question: I used to have spell checking in Firefox, and now its gone. So if you see any typos, please tell me, and I'll edit them. Answer: Thanks jutta: about:config/layout.spellcheckDefault )

pashute, May 15 2009

Completely NOT Automatic, this is what I DONT want http://internetarch...w-to-digitize-a-lp/
How to digitize an LP (vinyl record) or tape recording. [pashute, May 21 2009]

The software you were looking for. http://www.alpinesoft.co.uk/VinylStudio/
Next time I charge a finders fee.... [WcW, May 22 2009]


       This is OK, but a completely different idea than i expected [+]. I was expecting it to be a service which recorded a tape via uploading the audio directly and provided one with an MP3 download of it. I mention this because i think your title suggests that to me rather than what you describe. As it is, you seem to be describing an online version of Audacity. That would be fine for people who don't want to mess about doing stuff like that on their own computers. I can say for sure that i have no idea how many people that would be, since a lot of computery things which seem to be dead simple to me appear to be considered hard by most of my acquaintances.
nineteenthly, May 15 2009

       the segmenting by silence is baked, though it leads to some intros being tagged as a separate song, sometimes. Whether there is some program giving you a graphical representation, i do not know, but all the rest is baked in Audacity, and just about any analog2mp3 ripper.   

       I like the bundle of features you describe, but i strongly suspect the right combination of two current softwares could give you the same benefit.
loonquawl, May 15 2009

       I frequently use Audacity, but this is about an easy user interface specifically for recording and saving tapes. Probably we could make an interface that pluggs into Audacity (does it have an API, I'm not aware of that). But the view, UI and UX must be much simpler, intuitive and attractive, for the layman.   

       An online service would do as well (uploading your tape directly) but would waste a lot of resources without client side software, because your passing in all the "silence" or "noise", and uploading uncompressed (full time) analog information.   

       So it could also be implemented as a website with a client side program (activeX / Java / other) that automatically uploads the results. In which case, [19thly] would get what he was expecting.
pashute, May 15 2009

       As others have mentioned, Audacity does a lot of this, as does CD Spin Doctor which has the nice graphical waveform display and the automatic chopping up of the recording into tracks. So [marked-for-deletion] widely known to exist
hippo, May 15 2009

       With a shopping list this long, hippo, surely some parts of it aren't present in any one software?   

       > I used to have spell checking in firefox, and now its gone.   

       Hm! When you go to the URL about:config and scroll down to layout.spellcheckDefault, what value does it have?
jutta, May 15 2009

       I feel that this is quite baked.
WcW, May 15 2009

       How can you say that because the audio processing features can be found in Audacity, and that someone who knows how to work audio editing can manually do this, that the idea is baked?! No way!   

       I'm proposing a program and user interface that AUTOMATES this process. Its like saying that the idea of instant messaging is the same as word processing, because you can write a text file in the word processor and then send it by email.
pashute, May 17 2009

       I'm sorry but many programs exist to convert audio from the mic. input into MP3 files, playlists, albums, some of them automatically. Usually marketed for digitizing LP's the same programs could be used to convert tapes.
WcW, May 18 2009

       WcW, I'm all into audio - as a preformer, audio tech, and as father of kids who all day round play around with mp4s and smartphones. Could you give me a link of a software that creates a playlist from a single audio stream from the mic?   

       The [see linky] is completely NOT automated.
pashute, May 21 2009

       If you want to shell out the extra dough for real automation use VinylStudio, it's pretty pricey unless you want to do this a lot but you get album art, flawless track separations and automatic track naming.
WcW, May 22 2009


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