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taxi share

find people with whom to share a taxi
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A website where you enter details for a taxi trip, then browse similar trips for someone to share the journey with. Required details would include origin, destination, date and time. This would be especially useful for lower earners in big cities - such as for students in NYC or London who want to get to the airport.

It would definitely be worth it: for example, two people sharing could split $50 to JFK and pay only $25 each. Sure, the alternative might be a cheap bus or train, but a taxi is so much easier when you have luggage.

There would obviously be optional email updates and SMS capability.

mat334, Dec 17 2004

Carsplit http://www.carsplit.com/
This is exactly what I had in mind! [mat334, Dec 13 2005]


       I'd like to see people who plan to drink all night arrange for their transportation in this way. make it a requirement at bars to show mode of transport, before being served (I know, too hard to implement)
dentworth, Dec 17 2004

       But a nice idea.
harderthanjesus, Dec 17 2004

       This is baked in Belfast, except instead of the internet they have a Jimmy. Jimmy is much more high-tech than the net because he is a human. He is also protected from the cold by a duffle coat and several Brandys. Jimmy walks down the taxi cue shouting 'Whitewell, Whitewell' or 'Rosetta, Rosetta, shift yer selves if ya wan Rosetta.' The relevant people find their way to the head of the cue.   

       [Interestingly (to me anyway) this didn't happen as often during the troubles as place names can be a give away as to a persons religous / political affiliations.There are still two distinct set of taxi ranks for those going East & those West]
etherman, Dec 17 2004

       The last time I was in Istanbul (some time ago now, admittedly) I found it was possible to do this. You could stop a taxi which was already carrying people, and if they were going in roughly the same direction, share the ride. The fare would be arbitrarily divided by the driver. The taxis seemed to all be vast 1950's US cars capable of fitting about 6 passengers.
hippo, Dec 17 2004

       In Japan taxis are prepaid for by the host of any large company party.   

       I get that people all over the world rely on taxis far more than Americans. Except in cities, it is too expensive.
dentworth, Dec 17 2004

       Welcome to the Bakery, Mat.   

       //I'd like to see people who plan to drink all night arrange for their transportation in this way. // I'm telling you, Dent, it's called Metro.   

       Where I am, we have buses that go to various locations. You can tell where they're going because they have a big LED sign in the front window that says. This idea would be unnecessary/without value for short local trips in cities that buses could do, but for townies trying to get to the Airport or what have you, it would be good. [+]
contracts, Dec 17 2004

       Badger Cab Company in Madison, WI offers ride-share-based pricing. All prices are set by zones (so any in-town trip will cost the same fare regardless of route). If someone else asks dispatch for a route that goes near yours, you may be diverted to pick them up and/or drop them off. Each passenger pays full fare except when loading or unloading as a group; the fares, however, are lower than the other cab companies.
supercat, Dec 13 2005


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