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Device that acts as a homing beacon for cabs
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People could pay a small monthly fee for a card that acts as a homing beacon to cabs. Participating cabbies would be fitted with a GPS device to find people looking for cabs in the area. Could help out people in unfamiliar neighborhoods and help cab drivers save time looking for fares.
hooande, Dec 28 2007

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       Isn't this commonly known as a cellphone ?
8th of 7, Dec 28 2007

       Tell me how a cabbie can use your phone to find you? Not many phones currently have GPS, and even so it is just for receiving of data.   

       What if I don't want a phone? Sounds like a good idea to me.
Giblet, Dec 28 2007

       My cabbie used my phone to find me by being called from it and being told by me where I am...
globaltourniquet, Dec 28 2007

       Well, if I were rich I wouldn't want to be caught dead in my neighborhood.
zeno, Dec 29 2007

       Hey, you deleted my annotation - and it was positive! Anyway, welcome to the halfbakery (again).
phoenix, Dec 29 2007

       I think this could work in the same way as tomtom buddies, except the card has no display, you could just push a button and you would show up on the nearest cabbies nav screen.
riggers100, Dec 30 2007


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