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tea and coffee kettle

don't grind beans but pour water over them
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now, I'm not a sophisticated gal, completely low maintenance and as such I am completely happy with a cup of instant coffee. I will usually opt for a Kenyan or Colombian type but again, I'm not that fussy however what I do insist on is the temperature of the water that I pour on my granules.

I propose a kettle that can switch from tea to coffee optimum temperatures. Tea is best brewed using boiling water which is 100 deg. centigrade whereas a cup of coffee is best made with hot water about the 96 deg. centigrade mark. Can't be too hard to develop a kettle that switches off at those temperatures.

po, Sep 20 2017

Not entirely unbaked (or unboiled) http://www.independ...6-tea-a7179216.html
[hippo, Sep 20 2017]

Tea Brewing Tips http://www.thefragr...en-tea-brewing-tips
These tips for brewing green tea (which usually uses water at a lower than boiling temperature) could be adopted for instant coffee easily enough. [zen_tom, Sep 20 2017]

Cheap variable kettle https://www.amazon....id=pla-308446476370
[bs0u0155, Sep 20 2017]


       I am sorry to say that instant coffee is just wrong!! It's a sweet idea for a halfbaked kettle, but must use it for something else! Oatmeal??
xandram, Sep 20 2017

       not keen [xandram] tbh, I prefer instant to anything else but I do buy a nice brand like Kenco, if advertising is allowed...
po, Sep 20 2017

       thanks [h]. must admit I didn't search.
po, Sep 20 2017

       One problem with this is that heated water tends to stratify, so only part of your water will be at 96°C at any one time. Once it boils, of course, the bubbling mixes it up.   

       A better bet is to buy a ruler. If you hold the kettle a suitable distance above your mug, the boiled water will be at 96°C by the time it reaches the coffee.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 20 2017

       My TFal kettle <link> has 3 positions: Useless, really hot, boiling. Really hot works well for coffee, boiling is good for tea.
bs0u0155, Sep 20 2017

       After a quick look on amazon for instant coffee... cripes. It's not that expensive in England.
bs0u0155, Sep 20 2017

       PG Tips are the bees knees.
po, Sep 21 2017

       Exactly. It says 'tea' on the side of the packet, but they're just bulking it out with crushed insects and hoping consumers don't notice
hippo, Sep 22 2017

       Indeed - that's why their sausages are so tasty
hippo, Sep 22 2017


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