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teleoperation module standard

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Most cars and construction equipment these days are likely to be fully 'drive by wire'.

Why not have a standardised interface to allow for remote operation of a construction equipment?

It means that you can use it as normal, or you can retrofit it with equipment for remote operation.

The remote operation equipment is essentially a floating ball representing the operator's head, with 360 degree for driving camera, and a moveable stereoscopic cameras for more natural operation of equipments. It hooks up to a 'body' strapped to the seat that contains the electronics to hook up to the vehicle drive by wire interface, as well as communicate to the operator.

Later on as technology improves, this remotely operated ball can be replaced with an AI to do the same job.

What does this standard solve? Well it makes it cheaper and easier to apply teleoperated equipment only as needed, as the vehicle can be used directly if the job is not dangerous enough. Via this setup, the company only buys a certain number of "teleoperation" kits as needed.

It also allows for future advances like AI to eventually replace the human operators.

mofosyne, Mar 23 2014


       // Most cars and construction equipment these days are likely to be fully 'drive by wire'. // [citation needed]
Spacecoyote, Mar 24 2014

       Most ideas these days containing the word likely in the initial sentence drive me weird.
normzone, Mar 24 2014

       Most cars these days are built in China, Mexico, or the States, and involve hydraulic brakes and rather conventional steering systems. Many are throttle- by-wire, but few have electric steering.
RayfordSteele, Mar 25 2014


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