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This with that

Someone. do. it.
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Plugin human-solar-electric hybrid.

China: recumbent trike bicycle [second link], light-weight steel frame. Add plastic under body. Add cheap solar cells upper body. Add electric motor and battery like in electric bicycle, but then twice as powerful.

Keep it sexy, as in the picture.

As in the picture but with pedals inside.

Add cheap camera in back with monitor inside cockpit, as rear-view mirror, for coolness.

Just look at it and keep it exactly that way. Exactly that way [link!!!].

It sells for under $2000. (I checked Chinese manufactured e-bicycles: a good strong one that gets you 50km on a charge costs $400; we double that = $800. Add $500 for solar cells and $500 for body + electronic goodies. In short: it must be feasible to get this out for under $2000 a piece).

An average pedaller will easily make 35mph - 56kmh. Top speed perhaps 45mph / 72kmh.

No driver's license needed, is categorized as electric bicycle. Street legal.

I buy. You buy?

It is soooo sexy!!!

django, Oct 13 2008

I buy http://i3.photobuck...transportbottom.jpg
Probably two. [django, Oct 13 2008]

Tweak this trike http://www.actionbe...iketiff1540x793.JPG
So that it fits our body; push its frame up a bit. [django, Oct 13 2008]


       Even if it doesn't work wonderfully, making it look that sexy should justify the price tag alone.
wagster, Oct 14 2008

       Are you sure about not needing a driver's licence? Here, there's a limit on power and top speed for unlicenced vehicles - something tiny like 250W.
Srimech, Oct 14 2008

       In the UK, instead of rules, every time there's an alternative form of transport built (Sinclair C5, BMW C1, Segway) we have a big argument about how to treat it.   

       Foolishly, whilst trying to persuade the government that the C1 was not a motorbike and did not require a helmet, BMW shut their Cowley works with 1000's of job losses. The C1 is now a motorbike.
wagster, Oct 14 2008

       Yes but where do you put the groceries. And what about the children?
phoenix, Oct 14 2008

       Won't somebody think of the children?!
wagster, Oct 14 2008

       The children carry the groceries home, leaving you to cycle back in peace. Simple!
Srimech, Oct 14 2008

       // Won't somebody think of the children?! //   

       Are there no workhouses, no chimneys to be swept, cotton to be spun, coal to be mined ?
8th of 7, Oct 14 2008

       The price point seems important, so how much is the trike pictured? It doesn't seem to be for sale on the site.
MisterQED, Oct 14 2008


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