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the edge registry

Upper limit of bleeding edge currency.
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So when going to buy an product, whether a robotic vacuum, electric car or scissors, the price can be from something negative to anything positve depending on condition and features. Desire is a bit of a difficult entity because we all can be stupid with money.

What if there was a registry, sort of like a stock exchange of bleeding edge technology, where the newest of the new can be displayed as the pinacle product of that category. There might be a few product conflicts but hopefully cutting edge newness will sift the old from the new to give upper product value limit. The extreme value for a particular bleeding edge product.

I was imagining that product makers that think they have bleeding edge can check and register their price and features. People who want something, say a washing machine, can look up the washing machine category and check the ultimate washing machine price and features against what they were going to buy to see the amount of desire being paid versus actual value of features.

Every product has a bleeding edge. Art is the perfect reproduction. Jewels have the cutting, polishing and now manufacture. Mining has purity.

Really if it has a value, it is not the amount, it's the worth.

wjt, Dec 25 2017


       Automated algorithm checks the listing and autos increments spec and price every second
pocmloc, Dec 26 2017

       Sounds like a registery of dangerous kitchen knives.
xenzag, Dec 26 2017

       I think this would give manufacturers an incentive to stop actually improving their products, and instead just move all the screws around every few days or so, just so the product can be re-listed and keep appearing as the latest and greatest.
Wrongfellow, Dec 26 2017

       They need an incentive?
pertinax, Dec 26 2017

       Lexicographical styptic, [Ian]?   

       It comes with a styptic dipstick, as illustrated in this styptic dipstick diptych. The Academie Francaise are all over it. One of them told me, 《I'm over it, et tous ces autres mecs aussi.》
pertinax, Dec 26 2017

       //They need an incentive?//   

       Depends on the product. I'm led to believe that washing powder manufacturers have been doing this for decades.
Wrongfellow, Dec 26 2017

       New listings would have to have new features or there would be no hacking a lump out of the market and making a pile of obsolescence. If specifications were lied, the multitude of reviewers would certainly say so.   

       Wouldn't the phrase be translated from older phonetics - Ugh, Ahhhhhh.
wjt, Dec 28 2017

       Newness is not, in itself, of any value, and the market already discriminates by feature.
Voice, Dec 28 2017

       Nobody at the bottom really looks up to the very top. Some exceptions , cars, maybe gaming computers the rest you have to know to search. The market still has class fields which with an edge registry may course more people to look through.
wjt, Jan 01 2018


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