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three dimensional billiards

magnetically suspended pool balls.
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think of a pool game with electromagnetic pool balls floating above and blow and to the sides of a machine projecting magnetic fields that allow the balls to float effortlessly when pushed , but in three dimensions. holes can be at the 8 internal corners of 3 dimensional cube space
teslaberry, Aug 30 2014

Prior art Levitating_20pool
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 30 2014]

3D Billiards/Pool 3D_20Billiards_2fPool
more relevant prior art [notexactly, Mar 10 2015]


       mfd redundant
FlyingToaster, Aug 31 2014

       Not really redundant with [2fries]'s link, but more so with mine. Also, [marked-for-deletion] because magic—quote from the help page:   

       // magic - the author is using a technology they know very little about as magic. This imparts superpowers, among them the ability […] to levitate any number of objects from any distance (just attach magnets) //
notexactly, Mar 10 2015

       This would be much easier to simulate as an app than build IRL. Plus more people would get to play than could visit the single existing table, which noone would get to play on anyway for fear of scratching the 3d felt.
bungston, Mar 10 2015

       teslaberry - move this to the game category please.
bungston, Mar 10 2015

       I agree that an app would be a better embodiment of this invention.
notexactly, Mar 11 2015


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