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three slices of toast farm

just add water and sunlight and DNA and air and stuff
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This shed/greenhouse would have the following items:

A packet of yeast
Pots to grow sugarcane, corn, and wheat
Fertilizer and potting soil
A sugarcane shredder, juice separator, centrifuge, evaporator, corn press, wheat and corn grinder, and boiler
A quantity of sea water
Fertilized corn
Fertilized wheat seeds
Fertilized sugarcane seeds
An instruction manual
A bread maker
A knife
A toaster

The intent is that a child (or a whole school) can conduct every step needed to make toast from seeds, through oil and flour, to the finished product.
Voice, Aug 24 2010

//a toaster// That's cheating! http://www.thomasth...s/toaster/page2.htm
[mouseposture, Aug 25 2010]


       have you invented *education*?
po, Aug 24 2010

       one packet of yeast isn't enough...
xandram, Aug 24 2010

       That list of ingredients sounds like the results of a Prohibition- era moonshiner's raid.
DrWorm, Aug 24 2010

       I don't live near seawater. Couldn't I just add some sea salt to some river water and then say it's seawater?
jaksplat, Aug 25 2010

       // one packet of yeast isn't enough...//   

       You're right, it isn't, but it's not too hard to grow your own from one sachet of yeast. (Hint: add oxygen to the mash to make yeast replicate.)   

       I'm a long-time brewer and vintner - (I won't mention distiller) - and once grew my own yeast until I realized that it was a waste of time because it's so inexpensive. Of course, [Voice], you'd need a few more utensils for the kids to do this (hydrometer, etc.).   

       Erm ... why toast, why not mead? Than they can work with bees, too...
Wily Peyote, Aug 26 2010

       It takes a whole lot of wheat to make a loaf of bread. You better have a lot of pots.
nomocrow, Aug 26 2010

       ~31 ft^2 to produce one loaf of bread. Do a roll and you can cut it down significantly.
MechE, Aug 26 2010

       not a loaf, three slices
Voice, Aug 26 2010

       I'm not sure how you bake individual slices. A very short loaf, maybe, so 3 slices would be about 1/5 of a loaf or 6ft^2. Of course then you're going to get arguments about who gets the only middle piece.   

       (I'm also not sure how well wheat production scales down, the edges of most wheat fields I've seen are always stunted)
MechE, Aug 26 2010

       [MechE] Good point. They can solve that one by growing the wheat on the surface of a sphere.
mouseposture, Aug 26 2010


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