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thumb drive passwords

carry your pc passwords with you
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a hardwired thumb drive expecially for carrying passwords. If plugged in, it would fill out the password when the username is typed, and remove the data relating to that password from the pc soon after, reducing identity theft and password loss due to computer crashes, and bad memory.
AlexTheGreat, Jul 25 2006


       thanks jutta for restoring my password
AlexTheGreat, Jul 25 2006

       I would much rather see such a device that would provide authentication through SSH channels, which means the computer I am on will never have any data which could be used to falsely authenticate as myself, the authentication would be specific to the transaction, and no one sniffy any packets would be able to obtain the means to authenticate as me, even with the full transcript between myself and any service.   

       So -0 on the proposed implementation (passwords) but +1 on the general idea (thumb key for authentication). And, as long as it is a thumb key, make sure to add thumbprint, voice pattern, key code, and keep-alive checks (so if i loose it, it locks itself up)!
ironfroggy, Jul 25 2006

       sensitive data like passwords shouldn't be put on a thumb. use a biometric if you can't remember your passwords.
tcarson, Jul 25 2006

       If you use firefox, just set your PWD (or equivalent) variable to point to the thumb drive. That way you can take all your settings with you, not just passwords.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 27 2006

       tcarson: I'm failing to follow you're reasoning here. We put very sensitive things in lockboxes, then use actual keys for them. We lock our houses with keys. What exactly is wrong with putting computer passwords in an item you can carry around?
DrCurry, Jul 27 2006

       It is far easier to find/rob a thumb full of sensitive personal information than it is to break into a safe or house.
kuupuuluu, Jul 27 2006

       Disagreed. A key's a key. One is no more vulnerable than another. Someone steals your house key, you change the locks. Someone steals your password thumb, you change your passwords.   

       Btw, these things are Baked - they'll keep your whole desktop environment (including installed applications) so you can use it on other PCs. Lost the link, though, I'm afraid.
DrCurry, Jul 27 2006


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