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tilting houses

the guaranteed way to ensure the safety of your family in a fire
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a smoke alarm that is directly connected to a pair of exceedingly powerfull motors these would tilt your house at the first sign of smoke tipping all of the people in the house to the relative safety of outdoors.The only problem left is to dodge the falling beds and cupboards without stepping on the shrapnel of the fallen vases.
slarti, Feb 06 2004

Hip Hop Trailer http://www.halfbake...Hip_20Hop_20Trailer
[theircompetitor, Oct 04 2004]


       but Mr Bartfast, how could you tilt a house? You've got half an idea here.
jonthegeologist, Feb 06 2004

       Burning-house-o-fun. (-)
k_sra, Feb 06 2004

       (wakes up on front lawn, head throbbing, again) I really have to learn to cook better.
Worldgineer, Feb 06 2004

       Make for one hell of prank late at night or at a party ...
Letsbuildafort, Feb 06 2004

       In a house like this, just keep a lot of buckets filled with water around. When the house tilts, the buckets tip over and put out the fire.   

       Could this also be hooked to a burglar alarm? When someone breaks in, keep tilting the house to keep him inside until the cops arrive.
GenYus, Feb 06 2004

       You're better off using the Hip Hop Trailer to wake them up.
theircompetitor, Feb 06 2004

       it would have to be connected to the ground by some of hinges im sorry about the bouncing trailer but I hadnt seen it anyway, that thing bounces and this thing tilts also this iis the interst of safety and not to tell your neighbours to turn the music down
slarti, Feb 06 2004

       The only problems are dodging shrapnel, getting a house to tilt, knowing where the people (pets?) are inside, etc.
yabba do yabba dabba, Feb 06 2004

       Is that the only problem, ya think?
k_sra, Feb 06 2004

       Would tilting be more effective if the house had a windmill ?
normzone, Feb 06 2004

       Would putting the fire out be more effective if the house had a sprinkler system?
yabba do yabba dabba, Feb 06 2004

       Would tilting be more effective if the house were a houseboat ?
FarmerJohn, Feb 06 2004

       //exceedingly powerfull motors// Power to the house may already be gone, e.g. due to lightning strike. tilting the house needs explosive charges around the base. Then fuses are strung all across the house. The charges on the side of the house where the fire is ignite first because the fuses have the shortest distance to burn. That way the house tips to the other side. Easy and fool proof.
kbecker, Feb 06 2004

       //Easy and fool proof.//   

       Final words of the inventor of the emergency-tilting house.
Letsbuildafort, Feb 06 2004

       three problems with the rockets, one) if the fire is in the middle of the house then the house takes of and depending on the strength of the charge breaks through the ozone layer and goes into orbit-thus exploding/ suffocating the occupants two) the ecxeedingly high costs of replacing the charges after a fire drill three)the fuses could be in a different part of the room, meaning that the sleeping family would be roasted before the fuse went off   

       thankyou for your input yabba dabba but a sprinkler system could not put out say a chip pan fire or one that had taken hold under the table- anyway this is a heck of a lot more fun, who wants a boring oldfashioned, out moded, sprinkler system anyway
slarti, Feb 15 2004

       Could the same tilting house idea be adapted to high-rise apartments?
siriusness, Feb 16 2004

       And burning pinball machines?
FarmerJohn, Feb 16 2004

       U got that off the simpsons
brightspark, Aug 01 2004

       Sorry I didnt read all posts involved. Tilting a house wold help the fire spread. Tilt a candle and see which side melts. Fire supression is about extinguishing and ventilaton.
Bighongry, Oct 08 2007

       this would be a great way to get all the cat toys out from under the refrigerator.
dentworth, Jun 09 2009


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