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tinier than magnetic recording medium magnetic recording medium

Toss a bouncy toy on a tilted go board, They all pile up causing group effect zowie they are atoms n you just made a ferromagnetic domain
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Look at them atoms, hundreds of em, looks like a Go board I tell you! pretty much sufficient atoms to make up the number of atoms required to have a ferromagnetic domain yet they are kinda spread out.

If we could just Toss a bouncy toy on the tilted go board, They all pile up causing group ferromagnetic effect

Well you say diamagnetism can move one atom at a time as diamagnetism is monoatomic. Thats awesome as the EM field to move just one atom is much teenier than one of those gigantic ferromagnetic domain adjusting sized fields. We could just nudge the diamagnetic atoms permitting the ferromagnetic atoms to clump up then cause magnetism

Kinda sounds like a way of creating tinier than previously possible magnetically active surfaces like recording media or possibly diamagnetic catalysts where atom position as well as surface geometry could shift magnetically.

You are diffident rather than vehement about that though hmm. You say its kind of a fringe idea as, well, the diamagnetic atoms could be intercalated at the sides kind of like an actual fringe so when they shifted the ferromagnetic atoms clump.

beanangel, Jun 10 2011

A_20staple_20form_20of_20memory [normzone, Jun 11 2011]


       [beanie] why are you avoiding the more obvious analogy here?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 10 2011

       I want to build a house there. (Will I dream?) [+]
Grogster, Jun 10 2011

       Yes, all sentient beings dream.
nineteenthly, Jun 10 2011

       I suspect getting the nano scale bouncy toy is going to be the tricky bit...
not_morrison_rm, Jun 10 2011

       I didn't follow the analogy, because I’m not sure what a go board is. But if the idea the plan is to move atoms from one place in the material to a point where it is surrounded by others like itself, then the old system of making them all turn on the spot by means of an external magnet might be easier.
j paul, Jun 10 2011

       // the old system ... might be easier.//   

       Hence the pressing need for this idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 11 2011


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