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tinted porn spectacles

A scale to types of porn for educational and societal betterment
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There is a spectrum of porn tastes from beautiful, loving human sexual beings to power controlling, self want of flesh and everything in between. Tastes varying because of up bringing, exposure, imprinting, boredom and experimentation. Adults have free will and can choose their paths. Children are a bit more impressionable.

It was all right back in the day, exposure to our young ones was limited too a few restricted publications or walking in on something that was too hard to understand. Today is different. The Internet allows access to any number of fetishes and styles which are displayed in full glory.

I propose, whether in conjunction with restriction certification or self imposed, a colour coding for porn. This would be from a clear tag or tint, the human desired sexual response, even power, openness to give and take respectfully, to a black and white speckly filter or mark. Black for redaction and white containing all the colours jammed in. Other more simple colours could portray emotional states anger, violence, disgust. Orange could possibly be borderline criminal.

I think this would give a ladder and informational handle on human sexuality when starting out in this new 'see all' world. Another context is definitely needed if what is being viewed is not under parental guidance. There is the colour coding precedence to naming porn such as blue movies or having a red light district.

Clear, green and yellow can be left lying around but red and purple needs a few locks.

wjt, Mar 31 2018

" morales of the time " https://www.cbsspor...neup-friday-647790/
Out of the lineup Friday ... [normzone, Mar 31 2018]


       Needs another 1/4 time in the oven [-]
Voice, Mar 31 2018

       It seems to me that if the porn in question is either still images or silent video, there might be a way to superimpose different versions according to taste which would be mutually invisible due to colour and polarization of filters.
nineteenthly, Mar 31 2018

       Color my world?   

       What color is your parachute?   

       I am curious - yellow...
normzone, Mar 31 2018

       What about golden?
RayfordSteele, Mar 31 2018

       Last time I looked, the disturbing thing about (most) porn on the internet was not the pictures, which are just pictures of people, but the words that go with the pictures. What they suggest is that two people may look at the same image, and one may think "she's beautiful!" while the other thinks something much more aggressive or demeaning.   

       How would your system account for this range of possible responses to the same image?
pertinax, Mar 31 2018

       You can't stop what's in someone's mind yet but you can weight the pictures to the right end of the spectrum.   

       Like all rating systems it's down to morales of the time. This system would have be a general guideline for all so, maybe, have all sitting representatives rate a whole load of porn to get a current snapshot.   

       Thinking about it, I suppose it would be the same system as deciding if something is R18 or a censored indecent work but also gives an individual, the society's reference picture.
wjt, Mar 31 2018


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