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tiny washing machine

Tiny washing machine for one sock
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You come home after a hard day, take your sweaty stinky socks off and put them... into a tiny washing machine that has a small hole where you put your dirty stuff in and within 5 seconds it comes out of the other opening - clean, dry, ironed, folded. No more collecting of dirty smelly cloth and leaving it for later and later and later (we're naturally lazy). I expect this tiny thing could do 80% of our washing (recognizing the type and folding it accordingly). Since the regular big washing machine would still be used now and then, maybe this 2 opening device could be just a part of a regular washer.
slovakmartin, Sep 01 2005

Tiny washing machine http://www.needmore...m/washinmachine.htm
[skinflaps, Sep 01 2005]


       I love the fact that someone's already built this.
wagster, Sep 01 2005

       Could you explain how the cycle only takes 5 seconds, and everything comes out washed, dried, ironed and folded? Otherwise it's just something you'd like. I have to admit, it's something I'd like, too.
david_scothern, Sep 01 2005

       You iron your socks?
jutta, Sep 01 2005

       No, but he wants the machine to iron them.
angel, Sep 01 2005

       Its better to iron socks- the steam helps to eliminate any left over germs from the wash. Thats what my GP told me anyway...
chocolateraindrops, Sep 01 2005

       Just as there are many ways the regular washers work (some use air bubbles, some use "direct spray" technology) there are more ways this tiny washer could do it's job. The piece of cloth could be enclosed to a high pressure steam chamber with utrasound, then sprayed with final water jet to finish cleaning. Air blown in would make the cloth wrinkle free and ready for being pressed between two hot cylinders. To make the drying fast, air would be now pumped out if the chamber so that all the water evaporates quickly (it will boil if the pressure is low enough).   

       Unlike the small washing machines that already exist, this one would have no doors or buttons, you throw in a piece and a warm folded piece goes out...
slovakmartin, Sep 01 2005


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