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biodegradable toothbrush brush with permanent handle
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Develop designer handles for toothbrushes, with replaceable brush parts made out of some wonderfully biodegradeable material like hog whiskers rather than throw away plastic toothbrushes every three months as the dental industry would like you to.
stacy, Nov 29 2000

EVO toothbrush http://www.bould.com/EVO.html
Disposable head snaps into O-shaped end of handle. [jutta, Nov 29 2000]

Don't boil your toothbrush http://www.restorte...l9no4/vol9no4-3.htm
(Halfway down) [angel, Nov 29 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       I never throw toothbrushes away, I just recycle them into grout cleaners, and jewelry brushes. Also, if you find the right dentist - he'll give you a new toothbrush every time you visit, so you don't have to buy one.
chili2k, Nov 30 2000

       Toothbrushes are a great place for germs to hide and should always be thrown away after you've had a cold.
Does anyone know, for the purposes of toothbrush hygiene, whether toothbrushes can be washed in the dishwasher?
hippo, May 16 2001

       [hippo]: Depends on the temperature of your dishwasher, I guess. It should be a minimum of 150F (according to the laws of South Carolina ["dishwasher temperature" in Yahoo gives the relevant text, although the link itself is dead]). Boiling is no good (see link), so why not just try it?
In parts of Asia, a 'toothbrush' consists of about four inches of a particular twig. One end is frayed into a brush pattern, the other end fashioned into a toothpick.
angel, May 16 2001

       I'll buy a new toothbrush and try it with my old one.
Watch this space.
hippo, May 16 2001

       been busy hippo?
po, Jun 16 2002

       Stop trying to rush science.
Monkfish, Jun 16 2002

po, Jun 16 2002

       It's already happened.
croissantz, Aug 22 2004


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