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towel wine

a delicious tonic & a dry towel!
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A towel gets wet you use it to dry your hands/body. It then has to be dried (e.g. on a radiator) before it can be used again. This takes time as the water evaporates slowly. So instead, the towel could be put through a mangle automtically, so that the mositure is squeezed out and the towel is dry immediately.

The question is, what can one do with the liquid produced? My solution is to drip it into a home brew bucket, which with a periodic auto-addition of sugar and yeast, could turn the aromatic liquid into a alcoholic beverage. Served with ice, this would be a lovely refreshing drink for hot days in summer.

Not suitable for anyone.

slancaster, May 11 2001

Mositure http://www.google.com/search?q=mositure
1760 links for "Mositure" on Google. But what does it mean? [hippo, May 11 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Pot-a-pheu! Gnarly.
reensure, May 11 2001

Susen, May 11 2001

       Would be nice followed by some Flannel Gin or Jockstrap Beer.
Bedford Van, May 11 2001

       Wow! This should get the Freeze-dried FishBone Award.
bobzaguy, May 12 2001

       Strike this halfbrai... er, halfbaked idea off the list.
mailtosalonga, Apr 06 2004

       I think I'm going to be sick. These alcohol ideas dealing with using sweat and liquified meat and stuff are making my stomach turn upside-down!
DesertFox, Feb 06 2005

       'not suitable for anyone ' - sounds like a lame halbakery tag line
benfrost, Feb 07 2005

       I don't know why I find this funny. But I do.   

       I would vote, but I daren't disturb the sacred bones.
mitxela, May 20 2012


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