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have a program to advance tranquilizer gun efficiency
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Firstly, the government should spend less money on defense, and more money on many other things. One of these things could be tranquilizer gun efficiency. If we put enough money into it, we could make tranq guns with sub-automatic capabilities. We could also make the syrums act more quickly with research. Then we could ban all "bullet guns" for the public, and only sell tranq guns. yes, there would be a black market that would distribute guns to criminals, but with the right research, tranq guns would protect the people just as much, and, kids couldnt go shoot up a school to kill people. If they wanted to put a few to sleep, well, then they could do that.
yoda-smack, Oct 06 2002


       It would have to work really fast, and it would be quite expensive, and I wouldn't be surprised if such a thing had already been invented. But I fear it would just be one more weapon, to add to the other weapons in the global arsenal. If you could implement gun-control first, or ammunition control (fat chance!) then this might work, but then it wouldn't be needed. People who wanna kill wanna kill.
rabbit, Oct 06 2002

       I agree that most people don't want to kill. But a few wanna-killers go a long way. So, shall we provide the don't-wanna-kill but just-wanna-rob folks with tranquilizer guns? Like that substitute, whatever it's called, for heroin addicts? Or for people who want to protect themselves against armed assault? I'm for what works, but doubt that the law would enable.
rabbit, Oct 06 2002

       Use a straw and spitwad. The recipient will be too busy saying *eeeeww* and trying to remove it to give chase.
thumbwax, Oct 06 2002

       //Use a straw and spitwad//   

       Yep. It's extremely difficult to approach someone like that, while they still have ammo. Just be sure your recipient doesn't have a straw of his own. And extra paper.
Amos Kito, Oct 06 2002

       But killing is so much more fun - especially on action games such as the brilliant Metal Gear Solid 2 (which I just completed by the way).
Moving on..
NickTheGreat, Oct 06 2002

       I wish you have the good luck not to take drugs before you get in a gun battle; that aside, how is anyone going to learn to avoid getting robbed, raped, or assaulted if the experience is a feel-good moment?
reensure, Oct 06 2002

       Make sure the 'syrum' is something that can't be overdosed on.
phoenix, Oct 07 2002

       I can't help but be amazed, as I read things like this, what the truly gun-paranoid can think up.
zahc, Apr 10 2003

       Maybe each person's dart(s) should have an individual signature, possibly left in the victims bloodstream. Also, what if someone replaced the tranqualizer with an biological, chemical, or nerve agent. It would be much easier to smuggle.
kerspamer, Oct 08 2003

       One or more bloody fools have advocated/invented this. It won't work. I have challenged one inventor to a give a public demonstration using myself as the target, when I will prove same. This idea is actually 'baked' by halfbakery standards, but completely half-baked by real-world logic.
banger, Aug 26 2004


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