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twin's absolute time*

From a free ride reference frame, everyone else has to burn their candle to make their way.
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Their mother had been a restless adventurer, with most time spent as an ocean sailor and this path earnt tales of experience. And she could tell them. One untold story was the time out alone, nowhere from anywhere, she had had one of those encounters, ultrabright lights, blurry figures and synthesizer hums.

Fred and Ned knew she was telling the truth. Ever since the twins were young, they knew they were special and knew not to mention it. What Fred and Ned could do was extraordinary. The medical professionals had already found them to be publishable with the fact that their heart beats were in perfect simultaneous firing but that was fraction of the truth. The twins could see absolute time.

The twins had discussed a lot about their ability. They agreed completely, it was literally heart felt. Time to them was a visual anomaly, horizon lines coming from the horizon and disappearing at self. These repeated over and over again, in perfect sync with the communal heartbeat. Even in mirror looking behind, the waves came from behind horizon and finished at self. This space-time quiver was truly direction independent.

As the twins grew they found time related games and tasks easy and grew to be valid, productive members of society. Fred a great musician and Ned an exceptional pilot. Of course, Ned got the call up for the Earth Space Agency to test pilot the newly manufactured Alcubierre Nine. This vehicle being a step up from the destructive models one to six. Although Fred did take some briefing pointers from pilot of eight, admitted from the hospital. We won't mention seven.

But did it go? Yes it did. It cost an exorbitant amount of energy on all levels, but Nine was an age creating advancement of the human race. Ned was a name that every one will be forced to know, now and for ever on. But the thing is, what did Ned say to his older twin brother Fred? What did he see?

Ned had a wry smile when he talked to his brother. He had gotten a new experience his brother was lacking. Firing up the cutting edge drive had propelled his heartbeat out of sync with his visual ability. He had slowly got more and more lines per heartbeat as the craft gained a greater and greater fraction of c. Of course, back on terra firma Ned's heart and visual marks reverted back to relentless simultaneous one, with Fred. Maybe it's time for the older Fred to take a ride.

*possible in thought/concept but a clock made from any part of space-time won't run absolutely.

wjt, Apr 22 2021

https://www.poetryf...morrow-and-tomorrow Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day, To the last syllable of recorded time; [a1, Apr 25 2021]

Not even wrong https://en.wikipedi...wiki/Not_even_wrong
[hippo, Apr 27 2021]

Beneficial planck interval velocitization as a way to catalog possible transhumanist technology beings at a distance, using sensors I think are possible in the 21st century https://www.quora.c...nswer/Treon-Verdery
[beanangel, Apr 27 2021]

The easy way out https://www.scienti...s-relativity-theor/
[a1, May 04 2021]


       Is there an idea here, or is it a precis of a sci-fi story?
hippo, Apr 22 2021

       + entertaining and time traveling feeling...
xandram, Apr 22 2021

       Not an idea
Voice, Apr 23 2021

       "Thank you, darling; I had an absolute time tonight."
pertinax, Apr 23 2021

       well I thought there was an idea here about seeing time...
xandram, Apr 23 2021

       Looks like closing time. One for the road?
pertinax, Apr 23 2021

       Being younger means burning less energy than someone older (number of heartbeats in absolute time) but one can actually travel more absolute time and still be younger( energy supplied by something else, a free ride).   

       Somehow, I started to imagine what it really means to age in the scope of travel superluminal speeds.
wjt, Apr 25 2021

       What I was trying to think about is, the what if the Universe did have an absolute tick-tock ? a few orders under gravity, underlying everything. Instead of relating moving things to each other, what would the transformations would look like relating the movements to the universal road markings moving at absolute v.   

       Since absolute time would need a clock with a technology level way more accurate than gravity, it would have to be a mathematical conceptual tool.   

       Should have named this Universal heartbeat.
wjt, Apr 25 2021

       I held off, but gotta bone this. Not an idea for an invention, more a “story problem” explanation of how the universe works.
a1, Apr 25 2021

       Absolutely agree. It's all a story.   

       Mathematics being the go to language to write in, to be closest and most useful. Imagination is still needed though.
wjt, Apr 25 2021

       // It’s all a story // or ?   

       It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

a1, Apr 25 2021

       Well, ..... I imagine the edge between nothing, and a material something would be signified through that something being either fast or furious.
wjt, Apr 27 2021

       [WJT] Noting physics improves, it is likely there will be improvements to something very similar to your universal heartbeat idea called the planck interval as well as the planck length. I do not know the details, but the plank interval is considered as valid by at least some 2021 physicists as being the smallest interval of time. They could do better (overlays of intervals; frequency doubling optical circuits and frequency doubling crystal math) but at a 1D or 2D treatment the plank interval has been thought of in 2021AD to be the eentsiest, microjerk interval.   

       I thought of a time technology that could make intervals smaller than the planck interval. It is sort of similar to:   

       OK, so you want to make something smaller than a photon! Yay! just quantum entangle (quantum link) 800 photons together, then observe say just 1/800th of the photons linked to the core photon, something about the core photon changes 1/800th of a total amount of photon somethingness, that means you have photons with 800 times more some groovy technologyizable attribute, such as bits storable per core photon. You send the internet on fiber optic pathways with technology that utilizes 1/800th of a photon development to make the internet 800 times faster.   

       Ok, so do the same thing, but with a planck interval; I have zero clue, but if there is anything that plurally quantum links (quantum entangles) a planck interval you can link 800 of them to have 800 times more eentsy "heartbeats" per previous "heartbeat" you describe to do important human things with. One possibility is radically new forms of chemistry, and proteins with 800 times faster conformation space reshaping from the atoms just running 800 times more planck interval occurrences per attosecond.   

       So, can time be quantum linked, the delayed choice quantum eraser experiment from the 1990s might do this, as it causes more things to effect time simultaneously. but if I thought of it at all its a little different than that.
beanangel, Apr 27 2021

       That's not even wrong
hippo, Apr 27 2021

       I just have to say I love the exercise that reading a [beanangel] annotation gives me. It's like the closest thing I'll experience to a drug trip.
RayfordSteele, Apr 27 2021

       [WJT]'s idea got me to write a lengthier reply on Quora.com [link]
beanangel, Apr 27 2021

       A person on Quora asked about how to detect transhuman technology beings, so I elaborated on what I wrote here. [link]   

       Also [WJT] there are numerous Planck units like the planck charge and the planck distance. Each of these planck units, all of them, could be engineered and technologized to function at higher eentsiness (or possibly even expanded). That suggests that along with your "heartbeat" the littlest thing could be littler, and support higher atom resolution (like actual mathematician: Shannon amounts of what can happen) at all the modified planck units.   

       Matter and chemistry: substrates for beneficial beings: orbitals could be different with a planck length technology, and at matter (atoms), completely new materials might even be producible; atoms with 800 times higher resolution and attach-to-each-other characteristics could be made.   

       One I do not know anything about is the planck unit of electromagnetism, but it seems possible mutiplying its detail 800 times could produce completely new forms of electromagnetic radiation that is completely new forms of light to technologize.   

       Besdies the possibility of a qauntum entangled core and 800 contributing microgradations, and along with the more-stuff-fits-in-it delayed quantum choice eraser, what are some ways to do 800 times higher "minimal unit length": I used to wonder how to add two frequencies to produce a higher pitched frequency than the component frequencies. It turns out this is possible and there are published optical bench methods to do it, some technologized version of that optical bench makes higher frequencies (800 times greater resolution) predictable and with a published mathematics.   

       Another basis for heightening the resolution and detail of all the planck units is to utilize the mathematics of what happens in frequency doubling crystals, somehow they do frequencing doubling, and it is possible that can be applied to new planck unit heightened resolutions.   

       The mathematics and even material science of frequency doubling crystals could be made to make physical embodiments that might have like a layer in them of heightened minuteness of resolution at a variety of planck units; also a person on Quora wanted to loook, immediately into the sky and find transhumanist technology beneficial to beings with presence of being and sentience. Physical embodiments of reengineered frequency doubling crystals could be the physical sensors of transhumanist custom plank length technology users.   

       instant backup; a physical matter benevolent being, such as a human, could run at 800 planck unit amplification factor, but have a 900 plank unit microresolution organism recorder running simultaneously. If there were a nonoptimal event, then the physical matter benevolent being could be restored from the higher resolution sample that does a nonsentient data representation of the sentient 800 planck length Shannon:resolution. It notably differs from uploading in that a physical human body has a full reverse and IT pattern refund capability   

       There is another way to make shannon:custom waveforms, right at the 800 times greater resolution planck units: automata trisinusoidials stacked waveform or wavelet to make eentsier stuff. You can do more than just heighten resolution: possible varied shannon:frequency planck space heightened resolution math prcoessing based around nonturing cellular automata as compared with analog planck minute division shannon: divisions, resolution. That goes with not just adjusting a plank unit shannon:division to 800 times greater. automata regularity, it is when you utilize nonturing cellular automata to make stuff, like you could paint a field of planck unit resolution increased automata and it would be like having a stay fresh prepped surface   

       I think plank unit resolution change technologies benefit a benevolent transhuman singularity. I support an immediate technological singularity.
beanangel, Apr 27 2021

       Who is shannon?   

       Claude Shannon. Very big name in information theory and entropy.
a1, Apr 28 2021

...to the internet!

       [beanangel] That makes even less sense. It's generally true that, for any scientific idea, if you can't express it in a single, clear sentence then you don't really understand it yourself.
hippo, Apr 28 2021

       // if you can't express it in a single, clear sentence then you don't really understand it yourself. //   

       [hippo], I’m not sure if I approve of your rooting around in my brain this early in the morning, but I was thinking this just before I saw your anno. beanangel has an amazing talent stringing words together. Not sure if this means he’s brilliant in many disciplines (except communication), or just good at bullshitting.
a1, Apr 28 2021

       And that may be the point: no matter how brilliant you are, if you can't communicate, no one will ever know. When I was writing my PhD thesis I was told that the short 'abstract' of the thesis had to sum up the whole thing - what I was hypothesising and why, how I was approaching the problem and my conclusions and crucially, the first sentence of the abstract also had to sum all of this up. Getting that sentence right was very hard, but really helped me crystallise in my mind exactly what I was saying in my PhD.
hippo, Apr 28 2021

       Although sometimes a page of equations IS the simplest way to express something and only a specialist can grok. And other times a kind of inverse Dunning–Kruger effect comes in - ideas seem so obvious to the brilliant mind that they don’t realize other people don’t get it.   

       People laughed at Einstein. But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown.   

       And then came beanangel.
a1, Apr 28 2021

       I borked at 1/800th of a 800 large group dynamic emergent behaviour will give the real individual's actions.   

       Maybe at the planck dimensional limits, we are at the lowest point an individual thing can be define away from the environment.
wjt, Apr 30 2021

       I think I am going nuts. How the do the lorentz transformations tell between prime and not prime? the travelling entity has to do a round trip before any clock measurements can be compared. If they separate no one will ever know.
wjt, May 03 2021

       // I think I am going nuts // Is this a new thought for you?
a1, May 03 2021

       It is just now with a new take on the statement.   

       If two points have delta v between them, one knows the distance it has traveled and the other knows it's time taken. Delta v is close to the speed of light. The relativity can't be worked out, right ? not enough information.
wjt, May 04 2021

       You may be going nuts, but that’s a a completely different matter than not understanding the twin paradox. It’s only been hashed out a few (thousand) times over the last century - do you want the deep mathematical explanation, or something from a science popularizer?   

       I linked the easy way out for you. You’re on your own if you want to dig into the deeper math. Just stay away from whatever beanangel is sniffin’ - that way lies madness.
a1, May 04 2021

       Thanks [A1} but I don't think there is a way out for me, I seem to worry there is a difference between time time and a simplified time that is relationshiped to velocity by distance. A frozen entity does not have flow but time still exists, whether it can measured or not.
wjt, May 08 2021

       Have you considered starting from a Kantian conception of time, [wjt]? If you use that, plus a Berkeleian conception of matter, then modern physics might not give you such nightmares.
pertinax, May 08 2021

       Will have a look, thanks.
wjt, May 08 2021

       I can understand the philosophy, I am but a box with a generated model inside. But ultimately all that I am is because of data I have incorporated in my model. I do not need to exist. The stuff that makes my data will still, has always existed ( in various forms).   

       Time isn't is just the t dimension though, In the simple x only dimension Lorentz graph, time itself is a function of distance, how clocks work. Really, the close to light speed trip has altered the traveling clock's work with distance. Given a 10year, 8year example the younger traveling pilot has still been out ten years even if only grown 8 years.   

       We ourselves are but clocks of molecular metabolic distance.   

       Then again, hopefully skeptical, information can be transmogrified on to new media.
wjt, May 16 2021

       Excellent; my work here is done.
pertinax, May 16 2021

       [wjt] thanks for the Lorentz transformation mention I had a good 1.5 hours learning about that.   

       NB: //information...new media// reminds me of uploading, which brings to mind rapamycin, an oral drug published as causing mice to live 60% longer. I got rapamycin at alibaba and took it for about three months, I think it was about $3/24 hours at my 10 times normal dose. So it might be just 30 cents a day to live much longer if you are interested.
beanangel, May 16 2021

       Be careful [beanangel], the experimenters didn't really ask how different the mouse felt or whether its conscious view of the world had changed. But then again the mouse might not have known anyway.   

       You don't feel any different do you [beanangel]?
wjt, May 19 2021


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