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twitter length statement next to each candadate

  (+1, -3)
(+1, -3)
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[ ] : PartyName | Candadate1
____Vote for me, because the other guys suck

[ ] : PartyName | Candadate2
____No don't vote him, the above candidate is an ass

[ ] : PartyName | Candadate3
____I love cats

[ ] : PartyName | Candadate4
____Ummm... dogs FTW

Well try adding a twitter length statement under each?

Kind of letting the candidate get the last word out.

mofosyne, Oct 11 2014


       This wouldn't really improve democracy but instead make another excuse for being confused by the ballot and voting wrong.
rcarty, Oct 11 2014

       Enable voting by twitter...
sninctown, Oct 11 2014

DIYMatt, Oct 11 2014

       Rick Perry: Oh.. uh... oops.   

       W: Strateeegery.   

       Howard Dean: YEAHHARGH!
RayfordSteele, Oct 11 2014


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