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halfbakery mod to keep the perpetual scroll to a minimum
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unScroll is a hypothetical halfbakery modification that keeps the perpetual vertical scroll to a minimum when reading added comments on posts.

unScroll could be done in anything as simple, yet annoying as JavaScript to something more backend-y, like a Zope object (if halfbakery were using Zope) that manages some funky display conditions.

unScroll could even be XUL and RSS based, so as to integrate with Mozilla (and seeing as how halfbakery already uses RSS/CDF to serialize content...)

dnm, Apr 09 2000


       I don't quite understand what you want to do. Funky display conditions?
jutta, Apr 10 2000

       I think he meant the mile and a half long columns of inch-wide text...Whatever mod you've made since seems to work pretty well, below the original text the annotations widen out...
StarChaser, Apr 10 2000

       I understood the complaint, just not the suggested solution(s).
jutta, Apr 10 2000

       Oop, sorry...<sheepish grin>
StarChaser, Apr 13 2000

       Long since dealt with as StarChaser points out, by my original thought was, back when this was an issue, that the display settings could be customized for each halfbakery user logging in. The XUL and RSS idea would allow you to make a custom sidebar pane in Mozilla with which you could populate with the headers of comments (clicking on one would bring the page up and the comment clicked to the top, for instance).
dnm, Feb 15 2001

       As long as you had an XML-capable browser, that is.
bristolz, Feb 15 2001

       I like the quick, simple download. I still use a simple, old fashioned modem (not a cable modem, etc). I know other people access Halfbakery via many firewalls. So K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid)
gz, May 03 2001


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