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unhot pepper prank

swap peppers and destroy friendships with them
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Two possible variations of this prank could be done. The first is to use a: two kinds of peppers that look the same but one kind is much hotter or b: the same breed of pepper, but one set grown and selected for not being particularly hot (varying soil, sunlight, and water) and the other grown to be very hot. The second method would involve scooping out the seeds and rinsing the inside of each pepper with oil before returning the stem.

The idea, of course, is to sit eating from a bowlful of mild peppers and offer a hot version to a friend.

Voice, Jul 01 2014


       I wouldn't do that to a friend, however I just might do it to someone who had pissed me off, or to my boss...just saying.
blissmiss, Jul 01 2014

       This would have saved me a lot of sublimated pain the last time I pulled that prank with two hot peppers.
Skewed, Jul 01 2014


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