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universal battery block

Universal battery block to replace proprietary batteries
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A battery block that use same type of batteries, and in modular to allow you to configure your desire voltage, e.g. having 8 1.5v AA batteries trigger in serial allocation, you get 12 volts output. Want 7.5 volts? put 5x1.5 v AA in serial. Get 2 battery block and connect them parallelly, you get longer battery life.

A LCD display is provide to let the user learn the voltage, and also tweak to lower voltage with the series of batteries e.g. 7.4v(5x1.5v minus 0.1v), 5.5v(4x1.5v minus 0.5v).

A universal connector allow the power connect to clamp on the devices battery input.

Applications : digital cameras, emergency handphone battery pack, flash light.

Moo, Dec 12 2003

9 volt = 6 x 1.5 volt http://electronics....ks.com/battery4.htm
see inside a 9 volt battery [luecke, Oct 21 2004]

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       Would this be designed to fit the same space as existing batteries, or is it mean as a replacement for an external DC power supply?
kropotkin, Dec 12 2003

       Sorry to rain on the parade but too many people are too technically incompetent for this to be a Good Thing in mass consumer products. If all power connectors were physically compatible with all others, and if all battery packs had identical physical shape and size (regardless of output voltage, power rating, and rechargeability), then nothing would prevent a user from grossly over- or under-powering a device.   

       Also, by using proprietary shapes in the battery packs and connectors, manufacturers can limit design complexity and boost reliability in their products because they are assured that those products will always be powered with exactly the type and size of battery for which they are designed.   

       Of course anybody with a screwdriver, a soldering iron, and a general ambivalence toward voiding product warranties can usually find ways to work around proprietary connectors and odd battery configurations to implement this idea at home.
BigBrother, Dec 12 2003

       I don't see how this is better than just using standard size batteries like A, AA, C and D. Devices already use varying numbers of these to achieve the desired voltage.
krelnik, Dec 12 2003

       You can't really change them like this idea, so it's not quite the same, but 9 volt batteries are actually made of six 1.5 volt batteries inside the 9 volt case
luecke, Dec 12 2003

       Or seven if it is Nickel-Cadmium. (7 times 1.2 Volts is 8.4 Volts)
krelnik, Dec 12 2003


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