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universal internet id

one user name and one password
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I propose a system in which you are registered in the internet and the account name is your real name and you have a high security pass word(possibly biometrics or something). When some one wants to send an email to you all they need to know is your name. this could be expanded to cell phones and possibly all forms of communication. If you use an online service like myspace, Halfbakery, Blogger,Etc all you need to do is register and you log on with your universal acount.
Earth 2nd generation, Jul 11 2008

Single Sign On http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Single_sign-on
I think this is what you mean? [Jinbish, Jul 11 2008]

Windows Cardspace http://en.wikipedia...i/Windows_cardspace
Microsoft's Version [Spacecoyote, Jul 15 2008]

OpenID http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Openid
An SSO implementation poised to succeed [ed, Jul 18 2008]

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       Well... Mr/Mrs/Miss/Other "Earth 2nd generation"...
FlyingToaster, Jul 11 2008

       I am not the only person with my name on the planet.   

       How do you figure it will work around the various John William Smiths in the world?   

       If I am "John Willam Smith27" how can I ever be as cool as, get as good a job as, or communicate effectively as "John William Smith", or even "John WIlliam Smith1"?   

       If J.W.S1 dies, is his number forever retired?
Giblet, Jul 11 2008

       Hmmm, your name is your email...going to be a problem for the Smith's, Wang's and Patel's, but it will make stalking so much easier, so (--).   

       If you want to see how none unique names are even with a tiny section of society, go to IMDB.
MisterQED, Jul 11 2008

       I'll change my name to "Tom Smith" and pick up all kinds of interesting bits
Voice, Jul 12 2008

       No, i think stalking, and i think of other people accessing my porn and bank account. Not good. Not that i mind other people accessing the former.
nineteenthly, Jul 15 2008

       "You are Number 6"   

       Though I am generally against the mass collection and storage of personal data, if we are talking about being able to contact anyone on the planet (assuming they want to be contacted) just by knowing their name and maybe one other fact about them then I'm all for it.   

       If it's for the Internet, mobile phones, etc. so it's JUST a communications passport and you hold the key to it. It doesn't need to give away any information about where you are or allow anyone to 'steal your id', it's just a one way thing.   

       I think Facebook will probably become this eventually anyway.
mecotterill, Jul 16 2008

       "I am not a number, I am a free man!"   

       Er... right. There are two parts to the idea, [E2.0] - single sign-on is when you log on to a service with with a single username and password (or identity).   

       This is linked with the larger idea of a 'federated identity', which in turn is linked to the idea of a univeral point of contact representing a persons many 'faces'. [Spacecoyote] links to Cardspace, there are others - search for 'federated identity'.
Jinbish, Jul 17 2008

       Sorry not a good idea putting all your eggs in one basket. In complete agreement with Giblet, MisterQED, nineteenthly, and mecotterill. If anyone ever hacks your identity once, then your life is over and it is up for the amusement of the hacker.   

       Personally I have 2 emails. One that I give to friends and families I trust not to be stupid. The second I use simply to use as a dead end for spammers. The only time I ever look in it is for specific names when I am expecting a particular company to contact me. Other than that I never read anything. It is superman7here via yahoo. I get hundreds of spam daily and it gets instantly deleted so I don't care.
The collector, Jul 17 2008

       Privacy is already a problem on this miserable planet, and this idea would help to erase it completely.
kuupuuluu, Jul 17 2008

       In Soviet Russia, the internet browses you!
Voice, Jul 18 2008


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