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urban jungle (gym)

Keeping the fun-loving city folks fit and happy
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"Urban Jungle" is just a metaphor, but I want to make it real. To make cities more jungle like I propose:

- hanging flyways: basically pieces of cable strung from window to window of builds with those handle bar things that you hold on to so you can slide from place to place.

- climbable buildings: buildings equipped with hand holds and foot holds, people's doors could be on any floor.

- rubber sidewalks: for all the people that will fall due to the other changes.

- urban vines: like the hanging fly way but you swing like tarzan to get from one place to another

- spring boards: placed all over so people can take running laps to reach the vines, or just to get to someplace higher up

- paid buskers: the city will pay groups with a funky urban jungle sound to hang out and play music even more than people do already.

- fireman poles and slides: you slide down these of course.

- city falls and rivers: water falls will be added to some buildings, rivers will replace some of the streets (I know I know venice ... but do they have all this other stuff there?)

- urban tigers: just to add an element of danger to all this

- buses that never stop: You have to run after then and jump on, or you can just drop down on them by hanging on a vine where you know one will pass, they only go about 3 miles per hour when passing stops, so this isn't hard.

- diggable buildings: some of the buildings will just be solid lumps of a substance like clay, people can then tunnel out their own homes like termites.

futurebird, Jul 08 2001

Hard Hat World http://www.halfbake.../Hard_20Hat_20World
rmutt's hilarious entry. [iuvare, Jul 08 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       not entirely sure about the clay buildings... would they be able to have internet conections or even plumbing? like the idea though... exept that I cant climb ropes or slide down poles to save my life...
RobertKidney, Jul 08 2001

       this is probably my favorite idea I've read thus far...
AfroAssault, Jul 08 2001

       You'd have to dig around and find the ethernet ports.
futurebird, Jul 09 2001

       The Gap could sell loincloths in whatever the seasons style is.
MuddDog, Jul 09 2001

       This one's right up there with "Hard Hat World."   

       Actually, they should be situated next to each other and give Disney (California Adventure & Disneyland) a run for its money.
iuvare, Jul 10 2001


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