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utility spraypaint drone

Drone radiodetects all the pipes and wires then spraypaint the lines and symbols
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This almost exists. Drones currently radiodetect all the utilities in a field [link].

So the incredibly obvious thing is to have the drones mark the paths and symbols with paint. As to batteries, sometimes they use tethered drones.

Google says it does not exist yet.

beanangel, May 08 2018

drones and utilities https://blog.droned...-to-50-b7b265081d93
[beanangel, May 08 2018]

Now if they planned such things in advance Infrastructure_20Infrastructure
There wouldn't be any need for a utility spraypaint drone. [Vernon, May 08 2018]

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       You're right. After all, paranoids have secret enemies too ...   

       The easiest way to find underground utilities is to lay det cord along with the service runs. When you want to locate them, just initiate the cord and follow the surface deformation.
8th of 7, May 08 2018


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