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Subcategories of "product:":
Air Conditioner    Air Freshener    Alarm Clock 
Answering machine    Anti-Theft    Armor 
Ashtray    Audio    Backpack 
Bar Codes    Barometer    Bath 
Battery    Binoculars    Biofeedback 
Blanket    Bong    Book 
Bottle Opener    Brick    Broom 
Bucket    Business Card    Cable 
Cake Pan    Calculator    Calendar 
Camera    Camouflage    Camping 
Candle    CB Radio    Cell Phone 
Chimes    Chopstick    Christmas Cracker 
Christmas Decoration    Cigarette    Cleaning 
Clock    Clothespin    Coal 
Coat-hanger    Coffee Grinder    Coffee Maker 
Coffin    Collectable    Compact Disk 
Compatibility Gadget    Condiment Dispenser    Construction Equipment 
Cookbook    Cooker    Cookware 
Cordless Phone    Cotton Swab    Countermeasure 
Crayon    Cutlery    Decoy 
Dental Floss    Design    Desk 
Diaper    Diary    Dice 
Dictaphone    Digital Video Recorder    Dish 
Door Stop    Doormat    Drink Accessory 
Drink Dispenser    DVD    DVD Player 
Easter Egg    Effigy    Emergency Rescue 
Engine    Excuse    Exoskeleton 
Experience Media    Fan    Fax 
Fence    Filter    Fire Extinguisher 
Fireworks    Fishing    Flag 
Flagpole    Flower Pot    Flywheel 
Food Dispenser    Frame    Frying Pan 
Game    Garbage Can    Glasses 
Globe    Gloves    Glue 
GPS    Greeting Card    Hammock 
Headphones    Helmet    Home electronics 
Imitation    Incense    Interactive Television 
Inventory System    Juicer    Jukebox 
Kettle    Key    Kit 
Kitchenware    Kite    Labeling 
Ladder    Laser Pointer    Laundry Detergent 
Lie Detector    Life Jacket    Light 
Lightbulb    Lighter    Lock 
Lubricant    Luggage    Map 
Measuring Instrument    Memory Aid    Metaphor 
Microwave    Mirror    Mixer 
Mobility    Mold    Movie 
Multi Tool    Music Display    Music Media 
Musical Instrument    Napkin    Noise Canceling 
Office Appliance    Office Supplies    Orrery 
Oven    Pacifier    Packaging 
Pager    Paint    Painting Tool 
Paper Towel    Paperweight    Parachute 
Party Supplies    Peeler    Pen 
Pencil    Personal Flight Recorder    Phone 
Phone Filter    Photocopier    Photography 
Pillow    Pipe    Plug 
Postcard    Power Source    Prank 
Pump    Radio    Random Number Generator 
Razor    Refrigerator    Remote 
Restraint    RFID Tag    Robot 
Safe    Scale    Scanner 
Scarecrow    Scissors    Sewing Machine 
Sex Toy    Shampoo    Shaver 
Shower Curtain    Shower Head    Shredder 
Sieve    Skateboard    Skates 
Sleeping Bag    Smell    Smell Detector 
Smoke Alarm    Snow    Snow Globe 
Soap    Speaker    Spittoon 
Sponge    Stand-In    Stethoscope 
Stilts    Straw    Sunglasses 
Tablecloth    Teasmade    Telepathy 
Teleprompter    Television    Tent 
Thermometer    Tile    Tissues 
Toaster    Toilet Paper    Tool 
Toothpaste    Torch    Towel 
Toy    Trading Cards    Translator 
Transport    Trash Bag    TV Ad Filter 
Typewriter    Umbrella    Undo 
Video Camera    Video Recorder    Voice Change 
Waffle Iron    Wallet    Wallpaper 
Watch    Weapon    Wetsuit 
Wheelchair    Whiteboard    Wire 

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Ideas in bold have been created this week.
 (+2)  Antimicrobial debit cards, purse polymers, and phone surfaces 
 (-1)  Asymmetric ball-bearing races 
 (+12)(+12)  CapoWare 
 (+2)  Ceiling mounted vacuum strip 
 (+1)  colgs 
 (+3)  dark pink mannequin sleep watcher 
 (+1)  delayed quantum choice eraser babies have happier lives 
 (+7)  Dimmer Film 
 (+1)  elaborate EEG hair dye 
   Escape Cap 
 (+4, -1)  Failure Bearing 
 (+2)  FartMeter Pro 
 (+3)  Fireba 
 (+2)  General 
 (+1, -2)  Gold Separator 
 (+3)  Gummy Launcher 
 (+1)  Gunfire-activated electromagnet 
 (+4, -1)  Halfscrew Bottle 
 (+4)  Heat Exchanger For (Ant)arctic Explorers 
 (+7)  Heavy Breather 
   Hospital Face Emoter 
 (+2)  Human Turbocharger 
 (+4)  Hummingbird Gray-Hair Remover 
 (+3)  Hydrogen cigar lighter 
 (+4)  Jumping rebar paperclip 
 (+3)  Just One At A Time… 
   Keyhole TM 
 (+3)  KISS Stairway Elevator 
 (+2, -1)  Large Solid state dot matrix rewritable display 
 (+7, -1)  Laser Office Direction 
   Lie Facilitator Manager 
 (+2, -1)  Lifelike Prosthetic Petter & Heavy Petter 
 (+11)(+11)  Litmus Leak 
 (+1, -7)(+1, -7)  Luxury apartments for everyone 
 (-4)  Magnetic coercion device 
 (+4)  Massage chair elevators improve highrises 
 (+5)  micro chain mail stay-clean fabric 
 (+3)  Microwave glassblowing furnace 
 (+2)  ModConnect 
 (+3)  NIST Standard Idiot 
 (+6)  Non wearing brushed motor 
 (+2)  nose hair paint brush assembly kit 
 (+6)  "Not-So-Great Gift Experiences" 
 (+1)  Oil Leak Bandaid 
 (+4)  ownerid 
 (+3, -2)  Packet switched food 
 (+6)  Painfully Bright Tanning Bed 
 (+1)  Paired Shiatsu Collars 
   personal re- annunciator 
 (+1, -2)  phonostaticcrackerpack 
   photovoltaic tDCS 
 (+2)  Plate packing protector projecting flower power podium 
   plunger bouquet 
   Pocket procrastinator 
 (+3)  Portable Spot-Treatment Washing Machine 
 (+2, -5)  Pre-antiblurred image. 
 (+4)  Product That Plays The National Anthem Of Its Country Of Manufacture 
 (+7, -1)  projectile fan 
 (+3)  rad puffy bearings 
 (-1)  repurpose flash drive as on/off switch 
 (+4)  ring of +1 dexterity 
   Seizure Switch 
 (+11)(+11)  Self-organising cubes 
 (+4)  self-raising prawn trap 
 (+5)  Semi-Disposable Package Heater 
   sensor 'net' 
 (+1)  Shark Blob Deterrent 
 (+4, -1)  SIDS breath startler prevents Sudden Infant Death Syndrome 
 (+7)  software redo on homework 
   Solar powered advertising letters 
 (+7, -5)  Sticky Pole 
   tDCS electrodes 
 (+2, -1)  Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation with Dynamic Content 
 (+3, -2)  Trump in Carbonite 
 (+4)  Tsunami Lifesaving LTA Backpack 
 (+142)(+142)(+142)  Tumbleweed Dispenser 
 (+5)  Tuned Mass Damper Beads 
 (+5, -1)  Under what conditions was this made? 
 (+2)  Unique Industrial Production 
 (+3, -1)  Using water to transport logs 
   utility spraypaint drone 
   Van De Graphite Generator 
 (+3)  Variable Power Magnifying Glass 
 (+1)  Wasabi nasal spray 
 (+1)  Washcloth that makes people more beautiful 
 (+5, -1)  Washcloth That Makes People More Beautiful #2 
 (+5)  Weighted Balloon String 
 (+14)(+14)  White Stick Upgrades 
 (+7)  Window Blinds 
 (+3)  You did it! Here's a treat 
 (+14, -1)(+14, -1)  Zuzu's Petals 


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