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vanity mirror

push a button and your reflection becomes more flattering
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The world is so full of egotistical delusions, how about a mirror that does that. I propose a TV camera that projects your picture onto a screen, but includes software that shrinks beltlines, removes the fine lines, wrinkles and double chin, adds color to grey hair or creates hair where there is none. Aging socialites and petty despots could look young indefinitely.
thrival, Jan 08 2004


       Baked by Dorian Gray? :)
GenYus, Jan 08 2004

       Watch my anno disappear!
k_sra, Jan 08 2004

       //creates hair where there is none.// "Oops, I pushed the wrong button and now I look like Chewbacca again!" Nice idea though...
david_scothern, Jul 19 2004


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