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visible blindspots

avoid causing hassle and damage with vulnerable road users
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There are regions in the immediate vicinity of a car that are not visible to the driver. If you are a pedestrian or a cyclist, it can be quite perilous to be in these zones. As a driver, if you wish to reduce the chances of the hassle of causing injury to more vulnerable and sometimes invisible road users I suggest this means of warning them away from your blind spots:

Take vents from your exhaust system out to the edges of the cars where blind spots begin. Create heatproof fabric cutouts in the shapes of the blindspots of your car, and attach them to the undersides of the vents, which should be horizontal slits in such a way that when your engine is on, the fabric cutouts are blown out horizontally from the side of the car, covering the approximate blind zones.

When you drive along, the cutouts unfurl due to the exhaust, and vulnerable road users can see not to stray into these areas.

conskeptical, Aug 13 2008


       Sorry, but the backpressure caused by the inflation pressures needed to keep these inflated at highway speeds would cause havoc with your milage. Also the heated fabric might burn passing pedestrians.
MisterQED, Aug 13 2008

       Totally impractical (+)
normzone, Aug 13 2008

       I think it's good, but that the outline of the area should be projected onto the road surface with light to highlight dangerous zones.   


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