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Fancy wheels pump air into the engine
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Ok, so you got a rear engine car, and the intake manifold has an entrance on either side of the engine bay. A rubber flex hose leads down into a collector. Now your "bling-blingin'" dubs that look like the fans on the inside of a jet engine are not only "rockin' dat ride," but they're also functional; they throw air into you inake collectors. Thus, the faster you moving, the more boost you recieve, "fo real do" Sry 'bout the ebonics!
AMCguy, Aug 26 2003


       Yo boyeeeee! Dat Gremlin pops!
phoenix, Aug 26 2003

       Oh... ebonics... so that's what that is.   

       I thought you had a consonant shortage.
Cedar Park, Aug 26 2003

       blah...wouldn't be affordable at all.
importguy21, Oct 01 2003

       I thought about turbine stlye mags to suck air from under your car out. cooling the rotors and maybe producing down force.
mini1, Oct 13 2003

       Not enough air flow to be usefull for a turbo charger. Heat from the brakes would be preheating your intake air. Brake dust would clog the air filter. Not good at all.   

       Mini1, Turbine wheel covers have been used to cool brakes. BMW M5's came with them in the early '90s. The somewhat ugly factory turbine wheel covers have become a bit of a collector's item.
andrewfischer, Oct 22 2003

       i wouldent try throwing the air INTO the induction system for the reasons andrewfischer pointed out, but this may work well to cool certain areas of the engine, either by blowing air on it, or sucking away. maybe one wheel could suck, and the other blow. you would need a bigger brake rotor on the side that is sucking since it would be hotter. sometimes awkward asymetries like that can look cool (like a single fog light taken out with an intake just inside the vacancy!) Also, i can imagine that it would be hard to get big ass turbines to look appropriate on a wheel. that would be a matter of personal preference of course.
auricom_mech, Aug 02 2006


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