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where it matters

cooling where it matters
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I see someone posted an idea for chilled seats with pipes that carry fluids. My approach for cooling is a little different. Place your finger on the front edge of the front car seat. Now slide it to the center of the seat and move it backwards by 6 inches. That’s right. that’s the spot, now we had a 2 inch covered circle there which was made of a breathing material then one could place an air went right below it. It'd cool the most important body part of all.
nomadic_wonderer, Jul 20 2005

A/C seat custom install http://www.superstang.com/seats.htm
a great article about a custom installed set of A/C seats and the review of their effectiveness. [robacarp, May 26 2006]

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       My finger?
baconbrain, Jul 20 2005

       Your hand?
DrCurry, Jul 20 2005

       Do you mean the morning after a curry?
Minimal, Jul 20 2005

       MB S class has A/C seats that seep cooled (or heated) air through pinholes throughout the base and back seating surfaces. Super nice.
bristolz, Jul 20 2005

       Baked in this context. It was automotive cooled seats that gave me the idea for the theatre seats.
elhigh, Jul 20 2005


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