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whole wheat french fries

To go with your diet Coke and double Big Mac
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They would probably have to be at least a little bit more healthy than regular fries, right? Even if not, I'm really curious to taste them now. I really enjoy whole wheat crackers more than "white" crakcers, so this seems like a logical idea. I suppose they may not cook the same though. That could be bad...
luecke, Nov 05 2004

You can read more about Louis LaFrit here. http://www.halfbake..._20someone_20French
[sartep, Nov 05 2004]

Sun Chips http://www.fritolay...oducts_sunchips.htm
[waugsqueke, Nov 07 2004]

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       Try polenta.
angel, Nov 05 2004

       Wasn't this invented by Louis LaFrit? Who was by some coincidence, French. = By the way, are you saying that french fries are normally made with bleached wheat?
sartep, Nov 05 2004

       leuke,I get the feeling you don't know what french fries are made from. [sartep] Surely you mean M. Pomme Frites?
lintkeeper2, Nov 05 2004

       No, I'm pretty sure, M. Pomme Frites just invented the potato variety. LaFrit was just a wacko with a fryalator and fried everything. Including, what we all know as the fried twinkie.
sartep, Nov 05 2004

       Ah, oui. Louis LaFrit. A true visionary. My bad.
lintkeeper2, Nov 05 2004

       Sorry... Didn't mean to imply that regular fries are made of bleached-wheat, they are definatley potatoe (and a hint of beef flavoring...). It's just that what I've been told by my doc is basically all white starches (potatoe, white rice, white bread, etc) fall into one health category while whole wheat starches (brown/wild rice, whole wheat bread, etc) fall into a slightly healthier category.   

       So the other day, I found myself sitting in front of both french fries and whole wheat crackers and it just occured to me that making something out of healthier ingredients, then deep frying the hell out of it, would be about as ironic as ordering a diet Coke with your Big Mac.
luecke, Nov 05 2004

       I order diet coke with my flame grilled whoppers. Its a dental care thing not a fat ass thing. although there probably is still enough acid in the DC to rot my whole head. But there's less guilt.
etherman, Nov 05 2004

       //they are definatley potatoe//   

       God bless Dan Quayle.
suctionpad, Nov 05 2004

       I want my french fries salty and very, very greasy. No wheat, thanks.
Pericles, Nov 05 2004

       Deep frying in and of itself is not a bad thing. When it's done properly, the food comes out crispy but not greasy.   

       When done improperly, overcooking and/or using grease that's not hot enough will lead to greasy, unhealthy food. As the food is fried, the surface moisture boils off, keeping the grease from soaking in. If you cook it too long, the moisture boils completely away and the grease soaks in. If the grease is not hot enough, the fried products cool off enough as you take them out of the grease, the moisture stops boiling before the grease can drain off, and you again wind up with greasy food.   

       Keep the grease hot and don't overcook your food. Drain on something absorbent. If you just drain on a rack or in a basket, drops can cling to the bottom, and you again get greasy food.   

       I deep-fry frequently. I never have problems with grease. The problems come with fast-food joints cooking too much frozen product in too little oil, leading to cold oil, and overcooking to compensate. They then drain the products in a basket or on a metal slab. Basically, they do all three of the things that make deep fried food unhealthy.   

       I don't know how you'd make whole wheat fries, but I like the concept. Perhaps simple deep-fried whole wheat croutons in a fry-like shape instead of the more common cube would suffice? Maybe I'll try that tonight. If it works, I'll bun it in the morning.
Freefall, Nov 05 2004

       You can't say white crackers you racist!
harderthanjesus, Nov 06 2004

       melanin-challenged crackers?
RayfordSteele, Nov 07 2004

       The equivalent of whole wheat crackers would be fries with the skins on, wouldn't it?
This is done in some places in the UK, and in Pizza Hut. I think they are called "Wedges". Quite yummy, and much better than fried matchsticks, which have a high surface area to volume ratio and therefore plenty of opportunity for soaking up oil.
Ling, Nov 07 2004

       ///I don't know how you'd make whole wheat fries// - use wholewheat potatoes, silly!
wagster, Nov 07 2004

       You could use a material similar to what is used to make Sun Chips, but I'm not sure how much of a french fry consistency you'll get.
waugsqueke, Nov 07 2004

       Check out native american frybread (Zahsakokwahn.) Good stuff!
contracts, Nov 07 2004


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