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wii dance notation

use the wii to record n communicate dance
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on yahoo answers a person said

I am in a major dance competion can someone choreograph a whole routine for me to "insside the tornado" by amanda marshall. I would like turns and leaps ,so that i can impress the judges. Its the Americas dance nationals. If you could post it as soon as possible that would be gr eat. Its a modern solo routine. Choreograph the whole thing please

well I dutifully looked up dance notation on wikipedia to see if this could be accomplished

far better would be to dance around with a wii then give her the result

I think wii dance notation would be nifty

beanangel, Mar 27 2008

The yahoo.answers query http://answers.yaho...080224163720AAFgvNQ
No extra points for guessing which reply is Treon's. [jutta, Mar 27 2008]


       So, use a wii to record movement patterns of dance? Cool. You might need a few, strapped to various limbs.   

       Just out of curiosity, shouldn't this guy have figured out his own dance routine?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 27 2008

       Gal. And, yeah! Where do they find these people?   

       Recording a choreography with an accelerometer-- It would be roughly like trying to record your favorite band with a sound meter. You're missing most of what makes it interesting.
jutta, Mar 27 2008

       this way we skip writing notation   

       the wii records then the software shows the dancer pictures that she can practice to
beanangel, Mar 27 2008

       And if the dancer happens to be a small white box hovering in mid-air, her movements will be well-described by that.
jutta, Mar 27 2008

       I am in the awkward position of agreeing with [Treon]. I can sort of imagine a set of position sensors or accelerometers that could be used to record movements with sufficient accuracy to allow software to reconstruct the dance animatively.   

       On the other hand, maybe a video? But then again, the recipient could wear a complementary set of attachments that would detect how far he/she was adhering to the recorded pattern.   

       Actually, I'm agreeing with Treon only because I'd like to encourage him to make a YouTube video dancing naked with twelve Wiis strapped to his body.   

       I emphasize that this is not the same as actually wanting to watch said video.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 27 2008

       Animation studios have already solved a similar problem; they do it by filming markers attached to the dancer's body. If you're actually trying to record human movement, that's a relatively cheap solution. (Use multiple cameras to reconstruct in 3D). If you're trying to do something fun with a single WII, having an animation editor that allows you to use an accelerometer or some sort of stick as input would be great - but let's take it for the fragment it is.
jutta, Mar 27 2008

       As [jutta] said, a great many actions will go unrecorded with accelerometer(s) alone. That said, communication of dance is an area sorely under-explored by vector algebra.
Texticle, Mar 27 2008


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