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Read and write about the recently departed
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The website would have a database where anyone can add a name and description of someone that has passed on. Other people could then browse to the deceased's page and share nice things and experiences relating to him or her. Think of it like wikipedia only the articles are about anyone that has died. The general editing would be done by visitors but overriding would be left to the friend/family member that created the page.

NOTE: This is not another online obituary site. In those sites, you can only read about the person. Here any visitor can add whatever they want to the page, like in wikipedia. The idea is to share stories, kind words, etc.

Will hopefully not be referred to at any point as a "wikiwake".

thebigo195, Dec 07 2005

(?) Take 2. The editted version http://www.thecitiz...?q=taxonomy/term/21
This is pretty much what you described. You can add comments and everything. [hidden truths, Dec 08 2005]


       wikiwakey: spoken activation code word for voice-activated database
normzone, Dec 08 2005

       I am really surprised this hasn't been done yet. Although I guess there would be some problems with the money to run the site. I wonder what kinds of sponsers would be attracted to this.
PollyNo9, Dec 08 2005

       \\I am really surprised this hasn't been done yet\\. You shouldn't be. It has. Repeatedly. To death even. MFD Widely known to exist.   

       The only thing that seems novel about this idea is the halfbakery-like annotation idea.   

       Edit: I've withdrawn the MFD. This does exist, but to say widely would be somewhat of a stretch.
hidden truths, Dec 08 2005

       This has already been done, sort of. There were a lot of online memorial sites in the early days of the web.
wildgift, Dec 08 2005

       I might have not made it clear, so check out the additions in the description. I do not think that this has been done before.
thebigo195, Dec 08 2005

       halfbaked here, sadly.
po, Dec 08 2005

       The format proposed here is fundamentally different than any threaded or chron system I'm aware of, including the HB.   

       I think this more resembles the mashup-feel that a good wake provides. Broad. Eclectic. Convivial (well... at least potentially).   

       I disagree with the [mfd] but admit that I could be persuaded to think about this differently. Maybe.
bristolz, Dec 08 2005

       What happens when Adam Curry knows the person?
shapu, Dec 08 2005


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