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wikipedia uri schema

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When typing uris in places like reddit, it would really be nice if you could just type something like

[dog - wikipedia](wikipedia:dog)


Instead of

[dog - wikipedia] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dog)

Would encourage linking more.

Would need to bake the schema into browsers... so maybe we need an RFC standard for this... whatever would make this work

mofosyne, Jun 13 2015

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       Alternately, you could type<b> google</br> and press Enter/Return, then type
dog wikipedia
and press Enter/Return, and then click a link.
Vernon, Jun 13 2015

       I think this would be quite convenient, so bun. But I think a specific website may be considered inappropriate for a public-use schema… not sure. Either way, how do you handle other languages of Wikipedia, such as de.wikipedia.org? "wp/en:dog", "wp/de:Hund" might work.   

       [Vernon], the idea is not to get you to the Wikipedia article faster. It's to *create a link* to the Wikipedia article faster. The halfbakery equivalent of this reddit-centric (really, Markdown-supporting website- centric) idea would be typing "wikipedia:dog" instead of "https://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/Dog" in the halfbakery link URL field.   

       If you want to get to Wikipedia articles faster, set up a search shortcut in your browser. I just have to type "wp" followed by a space in my omnibar, and it gives me native Wikipedia search right there, complete with suggestions. The URL for that purpose, in case anybody wants it, is <https://en.wikipedia .org/w/index.php? title=Special:Search &search=%s>. (Remove the spaces I was forced to add to get that to fit 1999's column width. *cough*[jutta]*cough*) The one you get by right-clicking Wikipedia's search field results in not getting suggestions, for some reason.
notexactly, Jun 15 2015


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