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It's still a wikipage, but it shows up in sections like a sidebar etc
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You choose a wikitemplate and then edit its parts.

So I can easily wiki up my page, even if I wish to make a complex layout resultin in:

<div class=maintxt>
main text
<div class=leftbar>
..<div class=topbox>
..topbox content
..<div class=midbox>
..midbox content
..<div class=botbox>
..botbox content

pashute, Jan 06 2022

(?) Check out www.dbpedia.org
[4and20, Jan 12 2022]

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       Can you be more specific about what, for the purposes of this idea, defines wiki-ness?
pertinax, Jan 07 2022

       I think this is a Wiki, which is used to collaboratively design a new template.   

       No hang on it's a template that you can use to design or set up a new wiki.   

       Or perhaps both.   

       Or wait... maybe its neither.
pocmloc, Jan 07 2022

       No I'm not proposing a new wiki.   

       I AM proposing that in wikipedia (for example) I should be able to set {{wikitemplate | leftbar | rightbar | menu:top | footer:big}} and I get a page that looks like this: oh I forgot no links in HB... anyway you get the idea. Bootstrap inside wikipedia.   

       Each section of the page has the wiki menu on it, and I edit it like a full page with [[conventional wiki markup]]
pashute, Jan 12 2022

       So the purpose of the invention is to facilitate nesting wikis?
pertinax, Jan 12 2022


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