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wine in juice boxes

they already make boxed wine -- this is the next sensible thing
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so this idea has occurred to me on and off. it definitely re-occurs every time i see or have boxed wine. the container always reminds me of a huge juice box. then i start drawing the analogy for beer in kegs and cans. why not wine in large boxes AND juice boxes? it'll be a cool adult novelty drink (like airplane-sized whiskey). complete with flexie straw, of course.
nocopying, Apr 17 2003


FloridaManatee, Apr 17 2003

       We had these baked in Australia some years ago. This wine cooler product was soon removed because of their resemblance to ordinary boxed juices and the link children had with such packaging. It was deemed not a sensible thing.
Johnny Mash, Apr 17 2003

       There's Carlos de Rossi red and white going round in Asia. Look's like juice.
mailtosalonga, Apr 06 2004


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