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Co-ordinates all home deliveries
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<moan> Today, I have spent many an hour watching the cricket and waiting for two deliveries to arrive. Both I had missed at the first attempted delivery. One company told me re-delivery would be AM and the other PM. As a result, I've been less than productive today ... although the cricket has been good. </moan>

www.new-delivery.com is a proposed network of storage cum delivery facilities that all courier companies and the Royal Mail use following the first failed delivery.

www.new-delivery.com is an online delivery co-ordination scheme that the home owner can use to arrange delivery of many parcels from many different companies that originally used multiple courier services.

www.new-delivery.com allows the home owner to organise their time more effectively around a single delivery time.

www.new-delivery.com means that your street is not clogged with delivery vans of all liveries every day of the week.

www.new-delivery.com is paid for by the couriers who failed the first deliveries and by home owners who prefer the convenience

jonthegeologist, Aug 22 2003

Similar principle? http://www.halfbake..._20condom_20wrapper
[bungston, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       errr.. how many deliveries a day are you expecting exactly ? have you tried going out to 'shops' instead? not quite sure that this is really optimising the supply chain.
neilp, Aug 22 2003

       [neilp]. the future could well be internet shopping, thus home deliveries will increase in the future. The need for such a service also increases.   

       Leaving the future aside, arranging home deliveries currently is still problematic. www.new-delivery.com removes many of the headaches.
jonthegeologist, Aug 22 2003

       It's difficult to be home to receive deliveries. If I miss a UPS delivery (U.S.), I can go to their website and request that the package be delivered elsewhere or I can pick it up at their location. It's a bit of a pain. Maybe one of the alternate delivery locations could be your proposed delivery consolidation service? Maybe the address given to the vendor initially would somehow represent your account with the consolidator instead of your real address?   

       With UPS now owning "Mailboxes, etc." (nka The UPS Store) I wonder if they will add the convenience of receiving UPS packages for their "post office box" customers. Maybe they already do.   

       "paid for by the couriers who failed the first deliveries" might be wishful thinking. Surely the recipient would have to pay a premium for the service.   

       Part of this service seems to be more tightly scheduled delivery times. If you aren't home to receive this delivery, does the cost go up? (i.e. an additional charge per attempt)
half, Aug 22 2003

       nominate someone in the street as the named delivery point.
po, Aug 22 2003

       That's fine if you know and trust your neighbours. If a courier left my parcel with the people at no. 24, I'd never see it again.
angel, Aug 22 2003

       I moved to 29, so you don't have to worry about that any more, [angel], and sorry for the incovenience and fear.
bristolz, Aug 22 2003

       I'm at 22 - never in but I trust the woman at 18 and she is usually there.
po, Aug 22 2003

       seems to be confusion here about whether this idea is storage boxes (very baked, and even come chilled now), or coordinating multiple, multiple drop deliverers at the same time (and odd, and frankly floored starting point), which is it [jtg] ?
neilp, Aug 22 2003

       's OK, [bris], it's only those guys at 24. Anyway, I've kept all of *their* parcels.
[neilp]: Is that "flawed"?
angel, Aug 22 2003


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