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yellow pages that list store hours

yellow pages that list store hours
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yellow pages that list store hours. i have, more than once, gone to a store, and wasted a pretty penny on bus fare, only to find out it had closed for the day. this would make life significantly easier for me, and i'm sure i'm not alone.
nick_n_uit, Apr 08 2001


       Umm... given that you're finding these stores in the yellow pages, why don't you call them up and ask?
bookworm, Apr 08 2001

       because i'm lazy.
nick_n_uit, Apr 08 2001

       Taking a bus to a store just to find out if it is open? That does not sound lazy to me.
blahginger, Apr 09 2001

       Where I come from the Yellow Pages is an advertising service. Businesses buy space and decide what goes in that space. If they choose to list their hours they can. Perhaps this idea should be renamed "Stores that advertise their hours" instead.

If nick n uit only has to pay a pretty penny for his bus fare then I can understand his not calling to ask about hours. Phone calls are much more expensive.

Zippyanna: if they don't answer, hit the redial button. I guarantee that after the third hour of constant phone ringing it's not laziness preventing it being answered.

nick : You get that feeling too? I know there's no-one else in the room but I'm sure I'm not alone as well. My doctor says the feeling will go away if I keep taking the pills but he doesn't say if it will make whoever is watching me go away too.
sirrobin, Apr 09 2001

       Speaking as someone in the Yellow Pages business... People don't advertise their hours because they pay for the space, and would prefer to waste it with worthless ad copy that doesn't do a bloody thing for them.   

       What would be cooler would be people all listing hours_of_op in the White Pages.
tempt, Apr 09 2001

       sirrobin: in my area, you can buy space to advertise, but if you don't, the Yellow Pages/White Pages still list you name, address, and phone. I'm suggesting they list hours as well. i wish I had a good comeback for the paranoia/schizophrenia thing.
nick_n_uit, May 25 2001

       In the UK Yellow Pages run a phone service called Talking Pages as well, where you get a freephone number to ring up and ask about businesses in your area. They tell you opening hours...and its free!!   

       I think a lot of companies don't put in their opening hours as they may change, and Yellow Pges adverts are around for ages, so by the time the book is 6 months old it may be wrong...
babychaos, May 25 2001

       This is an excellent idea. I imagine that one of the reasons the info isn't in the printed yellow pages is that it would take up too much space. But on the web, this is not a problem.   

       The telephone companies seem to have no incentive to put up-to-date yellow pages on the internet. Free online listings are usually as old as the printed directories. I guess they think that if they put more recent info on the web for free, people would quit using the paper directories and use the web. Then they would have a hard time selling space in the yellow page to businesses. I understand they make a huge amount of money selling advertising space there.   

       I think the phone companies could either charge a small fee to use the real-time (or near real-time) listings, or figure out how to make money putting the same advertising on the web. The web advertising could be much more impressive. At minimum, each business could have a couple of paragraphs of info, such as their hours.   

       Since this will probably never happen, maybe somebody other than the phone company could start an online listing service. Rather than working like Yahoo, waiting for people to list themselves, they could go out into the community and obtain the information. But there has to be a way to make money doing it.
willatlguy, Mar 29 2002

       Sounds like a rant to me.
phoenix, Mar 30 2002

       I don't think it's a rant.
willatlguy, Apr 02 2002

       They list the telephone numbers? Why not phone up and ask for store hours?
Ossalisc, Apr 03 2004


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