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Look at all them fishy bones.

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Mechanical/Construction engineer working in various places in remote Australia and increasingly occasionally, remote elsewhere.

After a lengthy absence, I'll try to get back here more often. I've missed you guys.

[Mar 11 2006, last modified Jun 05 2022]

(+5) 360 Newton's Cradle
(+3, -1) 3d vital zone identifier
(-1) A question of Quantum
(+11, -4) All-in-One Wound Cream
(+3) Anti-busted hand ceiling fan inserts
(+1, -3) Breaker reset on every outlet
(+6, -8) Car instant cooler
(+3, -1) Chillout Puffer
(+4) Coffee cooler
(+7, -2) Coupled Heat recovery generator circuit for cars, trucks, etc
(-2) Double wall high pressure vacuum balloon
(+8, -1) Explosively confined gun barrel
(+2, -1) Extended capacity travel fridge
(+5, -1) Eye following projector torture
(+6, -8) Haiku week
(+5) Image recognition range computer
(+3, -1) Indelible Mace Spray
(+4) Keyed Bricks
(+9)(+9) Liquid Alkane Computer Cooling
(+1) Milo Silo
(+1, -3) NSFW tag for ideas
(+6) Pledge to never patronise unskippable advertisers on youtube
(+3) Power grid timestamp
(+4) Salad Fuel Lighter
(+3) Solid Fuel Lighter IV
(+1) Stay safe any FNQ'ers - TC ITA incoming
(+4, -1) SunBrella
(+8, -1) “Terminal” velocity elevator
(+2) The rambler
(+3) Unobtanium fission rocket
(+3, -1) Whistle incapacitator

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