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3d vital zone identifier

3d simulator for training hunters to identify vital Zones on game for humane hunting
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Ok guys, I know I'll get the usual autobones for posting a hunting related idea, but hear me out.

I was out bowhunting with a mate the other day, and it became clearly evident to me that he didn't have a particularly good idea of where on the animal to aim for a humane shot. You see we were hunting feral pigs, and he is a deer hunter. The difference in vital organ location, whilst not all that obvious, is critical for ensuring a humane kill. <By the way I stopped him from taking any shots until I had shown him where to aim)

I envisage a 3d simulation whereby it projects the hgame animal, with organs, and major bone structures superimposed, at different angles and postures. This will allow an ethical hunter to test him/herself to see whether they would be able to make a humane shot under differing circumstances. This could be done for different game animals, and shouldn't be all that difficult to program.

Possibly a test could be issued, using this program, prior to issuing hunting permits.

Custardguts, Nov 28 2006


       One could also use such a program to determine where to shoot in order to nonlethally wound the game animal. This might be useful in areas where game animals were scarce, in order to preserve the population. Alternatively, it is my understanding that many pig hunters use dogs, and the delivery of a nonlethal wound might be helpful if your hunting dogs were old or overweight.
bungston, Nov 28 2006

       Sorry [Bung], I appreciate that you like my idea, but ethically I disagree with both your points.   

       First, a nonlethal wound on an animal will simply cause more pain and suffering. I never shoot to wound, and will only take a shot that will cause <very> rapid bleed out and death, because I do not want the animal to suffer. I'm also struggling to think of a justification for shooting an animal in an area where it's numbers are scarse. I only ever shoot feral animals where the aim is extermination of the animal because of the damage it is doing to the ecosystem (and if it has big tusks, well then all the better)   

       Second, I think it would be highly unethical to wound an animal to give one's hunting dogs a chance to attack. Fair enough if the dogs are used to hold the animal for quick despatch (not my choice of method, but undoubtedly highly effective, and not as cruel as people think, when using highly trained dogs), but, to be very clear, I wouldn't ever intentionally wound an animal.   

       I don't like to shoot you down when you were making a supportive post, but I feel strongly on this issue, and people are very critical of ethical hunting, let alone anything involving wouning animals.
Custardguts, Nov 28 2006


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