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Stay safe any FNQ'ers - TC ITA incoming

Category 4-5 cyclone ITA incoming on north Queensland coast (Australia)
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Not sure if there's any bakers in the Far North Queensland area. Pretty sure [Bubba] is to the south, not sure if there's anyone else around? Looks like I'll squeeze in safely just to the north of it's path, although we're on alert here.

Tropical cyclone ITA has already killed ~23 people in the Solomon islands, and is now closing in on the Far North Queensland coast as a category 4 cyclone. It may go cat 5 before crossing the coast. This is a relatively uninhabited area by most standards but Cairns lies just to the south of the forecasted track and (given they spin clockwise) will cop quite a flogging by the looks. People are being evacuated from townships and outlying farmsteads, etc - but given it's the wet season many of those places are cut off from road travel.

Good luck anyone in the area.

Custardguts, Apr 10 2014

Cyclone ITA http://www.theaustr...rg6nf-1226879686114
News article with some details [Custardguts, Apr 10 2014]


       Hang tight, I'm watching and rooting for you.
normzone, Apr 10 2014

       Its a big one. Keep safe Queenslanders.
AusCan531, Apr 10 2014

xandram, Apr 10 2014

       Yikes! Batten down the hatches.   

       // Pretty sure [Bubba] is to the south, //   

       So, Hell is to the south of where you are ? He'll be too busy prodding the damned with his pitchfork to worry about a storm on the surface ...
8th of 7, Apr 10 2014

       Ha. That was funny. But for real, stay safe all.
blissmiss, Apr 10 2014

       There are different circles of Hell located in the south of Queensland [8th]. I'm flying to the Gold Coast with my family tonight to spend a week at theme parks. An. Entire. Week.
AusCan531, Apr 10 2014

       Oh dear god. You're going to need lots of alcohol to make it through that.   

       The only other way is to spend the entire time at the seaworld fairy penguin enclosure. I could probably do that for a week.
Custardguts, Apr 10 2014


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