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Chillout Puffer

Nitrous oxide personal portable dispenser
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Simple really, looks a lot like an asthma inhaler, but the small replaceable canister contains nitrous oxide. For topical relief in stressful situations. Perhaps there is a better product than Nitrous oxide, I really don’t know.

Everyone around here seems so stressed out lately, snappy, curt, etc, I think we all need to chill out. Take a deep puff, hold it, breathe out and chill out.

Custardguts, Oct 20 2006


       Wouldn't that be a whip-it? Where you take a can of whip cream and try not to choke on the cream as you inhale the gas? Good stuff and it doesn't hurt your brain at all.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Oct 20 2006

       Look, no inhaler!   

       <deep breath in>   




       <deep breath out>   

       <goes to kitchen to make comfort snack> Hot, sweet tea, [guts]? </gtktmcs>
pertinax, Oct 20 2006

       Don't mind if I do...
Custardguts, Oct 20 2006

       does death count as hurting your brain?
Chefboyrbored, Oct 20 2006

       A whip-it is more justly named by those who have access to boxes of NO2 cartridges (such as those in the restaurant business who use these to make large batches of whip cream at a time). You crack a cartridge into a balloon and suck the balloon dry, hold your breath, and commence to feel elated. The whip cream can stuff is for wussies (no offence). I had a friend, once, who emptied 3 cartridges into a balloon and fell down a flight of stairs upon inhalation (described as a feeling of "like a strobe light in my head with sounds"), only to get up and laugh histerically for about 20 seconds until he realized he had a splitting headache (brain cell holocaust).
daseva, Oct 20 2006

       No offense taken. I'm just a small time hick compared to you big city folks with your big sophiscated NO2 , what you call 'em, cartridges. I just take what drugs I can get, when I can get 'em. Oh, and that brain cell holograph sounds like a grand hootin' time!
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Oct 21 2006

       Or for extra giggles, swap in the ethanol cylinder from your friend's new fuel cell powered laptop. Your smoking friend.
BunsenHoneydew, Oct 24 2006


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