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Milo Silo

For bulk materials geeks like myself who like LOTS of milo.
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And waiting 90 odd seconds (the time it takes to half fill an oversize coffee mug with milo from a tin using a spoon, then pour the milk, and heat it up) for that milo-ey goodness is far too long.

The optional extras include a marshmallow dump hopper with fully functioning apron feeder (to reliably meter out your marshmallows, of course), and the steam-pneumatically conveyed milk pipe, that pre-heats AND rapidly delivers the hot milk.

Suggestions welcome.

mmmmmmmmmmm. Milo.

Custardguts, Jun 22 2006


       Heyyy! Milo is GOOD for you! It says so on the tin.   

       It's just like vegetables.   

       I'm just big boned, anyway.
Custardguts, Jun 22 2006

       //I'm just big boned//   

       Too much information.   

       Regarding Milo. When I was unfortunate enough to live in Kuala Lumpur I consumed so much of the stuff that I believed that I could roll down hills without bruising. I started to believe it was their national beverage of choice.
skinflaps, Jun 22 2006

       i remember milo fro my time in NZ and AU. i wasn't terribly impressed with it as a drink. people did drink gallons of the stuff.   

       here i was thinking you meant Milo from Catch 22. M & M Corp. and all that. in that case it should have turrets on top for attacking your own forces.
tcarson, Jun 22 2006

       I tried Milo in Indonesia, once. People seemed to like it, probably because of all the commercials that made it sound like a national beverage.   

       There are many bulk food dispensers available, both for powders and things like marshmallows. Hot-milk machines are available, too. This is more of a wish than an invention, but maybe I'm missing something.
baconbrain, Jun 22 2006

       I was thinking of Milo Minderbinder also. In that case, it should also dispense sand instead of milo.
notmarkflynn, Jun 24 2006

       //I'm interested in this Milo substance//   

       It's a kind of powdered instant hot chocolate mix--as you may have guessed. I found it to be too weak and too sugary, but I was in Indonesia, where all drinks are sugary. There it was pronounced "Meel-oh" BTW.
baconbrain, Jun 24 2006


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