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[This account was destroyed in a disk crash in October 2004 and has been partially restored from a cached copy. If it is yours, please send e-mail to <bakesperson@halfbakery.com> to reclaim it. ]

krubidium84@kyahoo.kcom (remove the k's to respond)

I'm a muscian, and I play piano, synthesizer, guitar, bass, drums, cello, violin - just about anything I can get my hands on. My band "The DEWS" has recorded an album of improvisations and feedback.

"Rubi" stands for "Rubidium" - my favorite of the naturally occuring elements.

My favorite bands are Fly Pan Am, Cocteau Twins, King Crimson, and Popol Vuh.

My favorite paintings are by Jan Vermeer and J. W. W. Turner.

My favorite film is "Witness for the Prosecution".

[Aug 14 2004, last modified Oct 27 2003]

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