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off road ambulance

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You know how you have to stop or get out of the way when an ambulance drives by with the siren on? Well, why not have the ambulance be an off road vehicle, with a twelve inch lift kit and huge tires so that if the road is to busy and there's a traffic jam it can drive off of the road and onto the side walk so that the people driving on the road don't have to get out of the way.

And for the sake of the person inside, you can just put big suspension on the abulance, so that when it drives off road the patient won't get bumped around and have another injury. The purpose of this idea is to make it easier for the people in their cars (and so that the ambulance driver can have some fun off road.)

Rubi, Feb 05 2004

Here's one.... http://www.carpages...ulance_23_10_02.asp
......nice machine....... [normzone, Oct 04 2004]


       Actually seen some need for this here in So Cal, where the off-road entertainment is sometimes so close to the road that a helicopter is overkill.....   

       baked, though [see link]
normzone, Feb 05 2004

k_sra, Feb 05 2004

       The "big suspension" would counteract the existing setup.
Most ambulances (ambulancai?) are set up with low, hard suspension so that it can handle high speeds and tricky turns without rolling. They are very top heavy and rollovers at speed are suprisingly common. So they set the suspension to be fairly hard in order to counter this reaction.
reap, Feb 05 2004

       For a while I had a Land Rover Ambulance and that could go most places.
oneoffdave, Feb 06 2004


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