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Frustrating vinyl album

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I was looking at one of my vinyl records and I noticed that as well as a run-out groove in the center of the record, there is also a run-in groove near the outer edge. I know that there are a few records with music in the run-out groove (early pressings of "Sgt. Pepper" come to mind), but what if a band was to put music in the run-in groove as well? You would never really be able to hear the "beginning" of the album, since wherever the needle is placed, it lands on some music.
Rubi, Jan 30 2004


       Toldja we should have a Jokes And Novelties category!
phundug, Jan 30 2004

       [Rubi], why?
k_sra, Jan 30 2004

       And for something more modern, put music in Track 0 of a CD.
GenYus, Jan 30 2004

       How about hiding some extra lyrics in the zero's of an MP3 file?
egbert, Jan 30 2004

       But you'd hear the extra stuff when you bought the CD.
hippo, Jan 30 2004

       Would a CD player be able to play track 0?
GenYus, Jan 30 2004

       I think if you pressed the back button at the very beginning of the first track you can. I seem to remember a crony of mine having a CD with something on track 0...
andromeda, Jan 30 2004

       I don't know about track zero, but I know that "Grayfolded" by John Oswald three minutes of extra music before track 1 - you have to start playing the disc and then hold down the reverse button to access it.   

       [k sra] no reason. I was just thinking once about all of the things that you can do with vinyl that you can't do with CDs, and this was one of a number of things that came to mind.
Rubi, Jan 31 2004

       John Cage
thumbwax, Jan 31 2004

       Cage did this already?
Rubi, Jan 31 2004

       Sure, if you consider bits of 4'33" here, there and everywhere to be a bonus Cage composition on every album.   

       Cage's 4'33," aka as "Silence" is Cage's most notorious work - the performer sits at his instrument (piano) but plays nothing. Instead of causing sound by action, the environmental sounds produced by a typically uncomfortable audience are caused by the performer's inaction.
thumbwax, Jan 31 2004

       I was listening to Radio 4 last week prior to a live broadcast Radio 4 performance of 4'33" and was made aware of the technological problems that the radio broadcast encounters. Not least of which is the fact that if the transmission signal/volume is low for a set length of time then a default message gets broadcast.
That would wreck the song for me!
gnomethang, Jan 31 2004

       I've actually been part of a performance of that piece. My friend played the piano and I wrote poetry. Unfortunately, her grandfather clock started chiming three o'clock halfway through the piece.
Rubi, Feb 01 2004

       It's the only song I can call my elf expertly proficient at.
RayfordSteele, Feb 01 2004

       You too? We should get together and jam.
thumbwax, Feb 01 2004


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