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Sorry signal

For those not-so-aggressive drivers
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This is an idea my sister had... In addition to the regular horn, cars should have a "sorry" signal on them for when you commit a driving faux pas and feel the need to acknowledge your error. You know, when you almost cut someone off, ar accidentaly bling them with your brights, etc. The signal could either be a horn that plays a cute musical phrase (as opposed to the regular horn's "angry" sound), or it could be like the signs tat they have on Taxis, and it would just display the word "sorry".
Rubi, Nov 15 2003

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       I think this is genious. Specially the horn-singing-sorry-thing!   

NeoPiter, Apr 23 2004

       Whenever I do something wrong in the car, I always raise my hand and say sorry because I'm not trying to be an asshole. But then I feel really stupid because I know the person in the other car can't hear me. Croissant for you.
tchaikovsky, Apr 23 2004

       the premise is good but it would create more "driving faux pas" because of the extra distraction.
Mr Machine, May 25 2004

       A visual "I'm sorry" text forces them to look at your vehicle *again*, *after* you've committed or corrected a faux pas. A bit insulting, not really safe either considering their eyes should be on the road.   

       The "cute musical phrase" would work as long as it sounded apologetic, not mocking.
FlyingToaster, Jun 29 2011

       Here in Maine, installing anything on a car or in the window that lights up or displays moving text or graphics is illegal; it's called a "visual nuisance." There are exceptions, of course: taxi signs are the obvious, as well as the flashing yellow light we're required to put on our trucks while plowing snow. But a sign in the back window that lit up saying 'sorry I cut you off' would get you pulled over pretty damn quick. They even busted a small business owner down in Saco for cleverly advertising his cafe (I think) with custom hubcap spinners that stayed stationary while the wheels turned.   

       It's not a bad idea, but I think a conciliatory wave usually suffices.
Alterother, Jun 30 2011

       Around here, some drivers "Sorry" would be on pretty much constantly...
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 04 2011

       In Japan the generic polite signal (I'm sorry or thank you for letting me in) is to hit the blinkers for one or two ticks.
Voice, Aug 28 2019

       How many blinks is it for "Oops - sorry we forced 12,000 of your POWs to build the Burma railway!"
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 28 2019

       //the premise is good but it would create more "driving faux pas" because of the extra distraction//   

       Which is why it should always be on just in case.
doctorremulac3, Aug 28 2019

       With those electron gatey things and a more quantitative horn button switch, a soft, sorrowful touch could be just the indicative communication.
wjt, Aug 29 2019

       I can't imagine this would ever be used in California.
mylodon, Sep 03 2019


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