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Fadeout control

For when your listening is interrupted
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Many a time have I been listening to a favorite album of mine, only to be interrupted by a phone call or visitors or the UPS deliverer. These circumstances force me to turn off my CD player in mid-song, sometimes in the middle of a very good passage. To end ths problem, I propose a fadeout control on all new CD players. With the touch of a button, the music is faded out over a short period and then the CD player is paused. To resume play, you can either hit the "play" button to immediately start the CD, or you can hit the fade button again to fade in from where you left. The fade time could be preset for 10, 20, or 30 seconds by an additional button. This way, you can gradually bring your music to silence before you leave, rather than abruptly stopping it in the middle of a good part.
Rubi, Jan 24 2004


       Yes, good idea. This seems very do-able

(Also of course, what is this "CD Player" technology of which you speak?)
hippo, Jan 24 2024


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