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Halfbakery ideas in croissants

Sort of like fortune cookies
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They put little pieces of paper with fortunes on them inside of fortune cookies... why not have a paper with a Halfbakery idea baked into a croissant? The text on the paper would of course have to be very small, and I imagine it would have to be non-toxic in case it came off the paper in the baking process, but I think it would work. You could hand them out in Frech cafes.
Rubi, Dec 04 2003

I hit the random button to get an example and came up with the attached. http://www.halfbake...m/idea/Cold_20Cloak
anyone receiving this on a piece of paper in a croissant would either think they had lost their marbles or they had wandered into the clutches of a spyring [po, Oct 04 2004]

All this talk of trumping... http://www.halfbake...B_20trading_20cards
(There's a link to Halfbakery collectiblecard game too) [Jinbish, Oct 04 2004]


       Or the local coffee shop ... just wrap the croisant in paper with halfbakery ideas on it. Little snippets of ideas including annos, authoring dates, and stuff like that. Collect all 50 paper pieces and get a free Halfbakery mousepad, coffee cup with an eye in it, or another croisant or something ... make it like collecting baseball cards
Letsbuildafort, Dec 04 2003

       Ok ... but I think it would be cool to see some kids on the playground saying "I'll trade you my 2001 [DrCurry] for your 2002 [po] card and [Letsbuildafort]'s rookie card ... thats what I was invisioning   

       Just include a disclaimer on the back, or something like that
Letsbuildafort, Dec 04 2003

       Shows what you know. [Curry]'s only been since April 2002. Although...
k_sra, Dec 04 2003

       is that a fact? he looks older.
po, Dec 04 2003

       Merely an example, but thank you for showing me my mistake, [k_sra]
Letsbuildafort, Dec 04 2003

       The value of my [Aristotle] card went WAY down after he was arested for custard exploitation
Letsbuildafort, Dec 04 2003

       They could have statistics on the back:   

2003: Ideas-39 Croissant Avg 2.132__ Fish Quotient 1.191
2004: Ideas-20 Croiss Avg 1.741__Fish Quotient 1.255
Best Ideas: CreditComb, Vexibels
phundug, Dec 04 2003

       [Lbaf], you have an [Aristotle]?! I've been looking for that one. I'll trade you my whole [sealorator] collection if I can get that card.
k_sra, Dec 04 2003

       I dunno, [k_sra] I've been looking for the rare production [DeathNinja] card ... wanna make a deal?
Letsbuildafort, Dec 04 2003

       Doc Curry used to have a different account name, that one dated from April 28, 2000 at least.
krelnik, Dec 04 2003

       I think my card would inevitably end up as a toothpick.
Detly, Dec 04 2003

       HB users Top Trumps?
lostdog, Dec 04 2003

       Lostdog beat me to it. HB top trumps.
sufc, Dec 04 2003

       Only the good ideas would go into the croissants. The bad ideas would obviously be printed, laminated and inserted under the skins of fish prior to cooking.
dobtabulous, Dec 05 2003

       //I've been looking for the rare production [DeathNinja] card ... wanna make a deal?//   

       From my cold, dead hands, [Lbaf], from my cold, dead hands.
k_sra, Dec 05 2003

       And if you're lucky enough to find one of the top 10 ideas in your croissant, you're an instant winner! (what you win, I don't know. I leave that to somebody else).
Pericles, Dec 05 2003

       I can think of a few ideas that should not be read whilst eating...
lintkeeper2, Dec 05 2003

       Mole slaw?
k_sra, Dec 06 2003

       po's link was great and a great example of confusing the rest of the world of non-bakers. Any printed material should definitely be completely un-tainted with all the misspellings and wrong punctuations. "cloke"! ha!
goober, Sep 06 2005

       This is such a great idea! How come it doesn't have more croissants?   

       Anyone have a [myclob] by the way? Been dying to find one.   

       <The blackholepault will lead the way for today>
Susan, Sep 06 2005

       The blackholeapult would need a good 2 pound croissant to fit in.
Worldgineer, Sep 06 2005

       \\How come it doesn't have more croissants?\\ A common malady suffered by many of the pre-crash ideas. If you take a look back, aside from those in the first few pages of the best or worst lists, many of the ideas from before late 2004 have very low voting totals.
hidden truths, Sep 07 2005

       So? Just vote for again.
Susan, Sep 09 2005


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